The Hell's Kitchen Halloween Event began on 19 October 2018, and features Daredevil, Iron Fist, White Tiger, Captain America, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones as recruitable and premium characters.


The Kingpin has learned Daredevil's secret identity, and now there's a price on Matt Murdock's head. The Avengers and Defenders team up with prolific mercenaries to evade the long reach of the Hand, employing cunning disguises to protect the Man Without Fear. Get ready for the spookiest time of the year!

How to Play

  • Event Battle Maps - Use Halloween Candy from the Mission Board to fight the Hand on the event battle maps and earn special event materials. Exchange these materials for Halloween Costumes, event capsules, and other rewards in the Shop and Van Dyne's. Each event map has a different selection of heroes that can fight the Hand. Check the fight descriptions for a list of eligible characters.
  • Armor - Kingpin and his Hand ninjas can buff their overall health with Armor. Use event characters with Armor-Penetrating Attacks to ignore that armor and attack your enemies' health directly.
  • Episode Progress - Complete all starred quests to progress through each episode.


Episode 1

Captain America

10 Captain America Shards

  • 400 Pumpkin Masks


10 Daredevil Shards

  • Battle 1:1-1:10, Daredevil's Capsule, Iron Fist's Capsule, or 20 Daredevil Shards for 325 Shards

Iron Fist

10 Iron Fist Shards

  • Iron Fist's Capsule, Daredevil's Capsule, or 20 Iron Fist Shards for 375 Shards

White Tiger

10 White Tiger Shards

  • Iron Fist's Capsule or Daredevil's Capsule

Luke Cage

10 Luke Cage Shards

  • 20 Luke Cage Shards for 350 Shards

Jessica Jones

10 Jessica Jones Shards

  • 20 Jessica Jones Shards for 350 Shards


10 Hellcat Shards

  • 20 Hellcat Shards for 350 Shards

Misty Knight

10 Misty Knight Shards

  • 20 Misty Knight Shards for 350 Shards


10 Punisher Shards

  • 20 Punisher Shards for 350 Shards


10 Nightshade Shards

  • 20 Nightshade Shards for 450 Shards


Episode 1


  • 40 Captain America Frisbees (from battling 1:8)

Jester Loki

  • 100 Jester Scepters (from battling H1:1-1:15)

Event Capsules

Daredevil's Capsule

Iron Fist's Capsule

Event Buildings

Event Generators

Death Lantern

  • Cost: 795 Shards
  • Info: This tribute to the one constant in life is the ultimate source of Halloween Candy!
  • Effect: Drops 50 Halloween Candy per day
  • Size:

The Fool's Lantern

  • Cost: 795 Shards
  • Info: This avatar of mischief is the ultimate source of Pumpkin Masks!
  • Effect: Drops 70 Pumpkin Masks per day
  • Size:

Event Decorations

Special Event Items

Hell's Kitchen Halloween Starter Bundle

  • Cost: 435 Shards
  • Info: 10 Iron Fist Shards, 10 Daredevil Shards, 1 Iron Fist Capsule, 50 Halloween Candy

Deluxe Hell's Kitchen Halloween Starter Bundle

  • Cost: 1,350 Shards
  • Info: 30 Iron Fist Shards, 30 Daredevil Shards, 1 Daredevil's Capsule, 250 Halloween Candy

The Hood Rank 3 Bundle

  • Cost: 595 Shards
  • Info: 10 The Hood Shards, 35 Mystic Fragments

Physical Capsule Discount Bundle

  • Cost: 880 Shards
  • Info: 5 Physical Capsules


Bronze Daredevil Trophy

Earn 90 Stars on the Event Battle Maps.

Silver Daredevil Trophy

Earn 150 Stars on the Event Battle Maps.

Gold Daredevil Trophy

Earn 225 Stars on the Event Battle Maps. This Trophy will drop 1 Comic Page a day, forever.

Diamond Daredevil Trophy

Earn 270 Stars on the Event Battle Maps. This Trophy will drop 1 Comic Book a day, forever.



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