Hel on Midgard, pt. 3

Hel on Midgard, pt. 3 is an Event Quest and part of the Legends Assemble Event.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location Notes
Frigga Dub Thee Knight! 4m Quad Requires female student

Quest Dialogue Edit

Peggy Carter: You want me to become a knight of Asgard in the event that we need to fight an undead army from Hel?
Hel's Guardian Frigga: You sound surprised.
Peggy Carter: I am, and it takes a lot to surprise me these days. Isn't this a job for gods and goddesses?
Hel's Guardian Frigga: It's a job for brave heroes. I can give anyone power, but very few have a fighting spirit like yours...
Peggy Carter: Golden armor is a bit much for me. I rarely wear jewelry...
Hel's Guardian Frigga: We can skip the mystical armor for now, Peggy. The ceremony is all that matters...
Mephisto: Do you really believe that an army of honorary humans are capable of defeating an army of undead Asgardians?
Hel's Guardian Frigga: I don't expect you to understand believing in someone other than yourself, demon.
Mephisto: You make a good point. Honestly, I'm surprised you believe what I'm telling you about the queen of Hel's plans.
Hel's Guardian Frigga: I have a lot of experience with lies.
Mephisto: Well, when the war comes, I hope you consider setting me free from this prison. I'd love to help.
Hel's Guardian Frigga: You'd love to help yourself to Asgardian souls.
Mephisto: Yes, well, we all need to eat. Farewell, former Guardian of Hel. The next time we speak it will be hell on earth...
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