Haunted Avengers Mansion is a Building. It was available during the Avengers Halloween Event and Defenders Event. It's a two-story structure that looks like a haunted mansion. There is a garden in front of the building, with a coffin on the left and a tombstone on the right. The Haunted Avengers Mansion takes up 4 x 4 (16) plots .

Requirements Edit

Avengers Halloween Event Edit

  • 8 Mummified Pumpkins
  • 2,604 Candies

Defenders Event Edit

Action Areas Edit

  • Coffin - the character goes into the coffin. A light shines above it. Currently this action area is unique to Dracula.
  • Door - Currently this action area is unique to Hulk.
  • Garden - the character goes to the right side of the entrance and place a cauldron. Currently this action area is unique to Enchantress.
  • Roof - the character goes on the highest place of the roof.
  • Tombstone - the character walks in front of the grave and a robot come out of it. Currently this action area is unique to Misty Knight.

Interactions Edit

Blade Edit

  • Be the Daywalker - ?
  • Hunt Vampires - ?

Captain America Edit

  • Howl at the Moon! - 4h, Roof (Requires Cap-Wolf outfit)

Dracula Edit

  • Keep It Down! - 4h, Coffin

Enchantress Edit

  • Toil and Trouble - 3m, Garden (Requires Wicked Witch Enchantress outfit)

Ghost Rider Edit

  • Get Vengeance! - 2h 30m, Roof

Hulk Edit

  • DO MAD SCIENCE!! - 3m 20s, Door (Requires Mad Scientist Hulk)

Misty Knight Edit

  • Bionic Punch - 6h, Tombstone

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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