Hard of Hearing, pt. 2

Hard of Hearing, pt. 2 is an Event Quest and part of the Ultron Revolution Special Event.

Requirements Edit

Upgrade Hawkeye! (Rank 3)

  • 40 Green Iron Man Helmets, 40 Red Iron Man Helmets, 3,140 Microchips
Character Action Time Location
Hawkeye Bite the Bullet 25m Stark Tower (Stark Initiative)
Iron Man Tinker with Tech 1h Avengers Dorm (left chair)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Hawkeye: At least it's a good excuse to not do anything...
Lucky: .
Hawkeye: The fact that you only say "Woof" is very comforting right now.
Lucky: .
Hawkeye: It's not as simple as she thinks. My inner ear is a special kind of messed up. It took years for them to make those hearing aids.
Lucky: .
Hawkeye: You're just as stubborn as she is.
Hawkeye: I need your help.
Iron Man: (something) wanna know (something, something) Black Widow (something, something) with (something)?
Hawkeye: ...I need new hearing aids, Tony. I'm deaf.
Iron Man: (something, something) money? (something) tell me (something) much (something) need.
Hawkeye: You don't understand. It's a long story, but my inner and middle ear are mangled pretty good. It took the doctors years to make my hearing aids.
Iron Man: (something, something, something)
Hawkeye: I don't even need to read your lips to know you're talking about how smart you are.
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