Hail Hydra, Pt. 4 is a Premium Quest.


  • Upgrade Baron Zemo! (Rank 2)
    • 1,957 Credits
Character Action Time Location
Baron Zemo Perfect Adhesive X 6hr Pym's Lab (chemical station)
Iron Man Play With Particles 45m Pym's Lab (chemical station)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Baron Zemo: This iteration of Hydra and their inane institution no longer deserve to exist. If I perfect the formula to one of my father's chemical inventions, I can destroy them once and for all...
Pepper Potts: Are you saying you weren't trying to fight Hydra before now? Because that's sort of the whole point...
Baron Zemo: Silence!
Pepper Potts: Hey! You're the one who walked up, and started talking to me!
Baron Zemo: I've finally perfected Adhesive X. It can bond with anything, and is practically indissolvable.
Pepper Potts: Is it dangerous?
Baron Zemo: My father accidentally fused his mask to his face with it. I fell into a boiling vat of it, making my face grotesquely disfigured...
Pepper Potts: Oh my gosh...
Baron Zemo: Yes. You might consider protecting your face...
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