HULK IS HERE! is a Storyline Quest. This is a limited-time quest that only lasts 1 day.


  • Get Hulk early!
    • Cost: 1495 Shards

Quest Dialogue Edit

Iron Man: I'm positive I just saw Hulk in the timefog. That section is too dense to clear, but if I get enough power, I can disperse the area around him long enough for him to get free...
Pepper Potts: Extra Infinity Gem shards should give you enough power, but are you sure we want him free? He's like the strongest, craziest, most out of control monster ever...
Black Widow: That's exactly why we need to get him here, and make him part of the team. Make it happen, Tony. If he gets out of control, I'll handle it...
Loki: I always say you can never have too many unstoppable monsters...
Nick Fury: Widow's right. We have to save him. Do it for Avengers Academy...
Hank Pym: Do it for super-science!
Hulk: Where Hulk?
Wasp: Avengers Academy! Everybody's super-excited you're here! Except for Pepper. She got scared. And Mr. Fury. I think he left to point all his weapons at you...
Hulk: Hulk like happy little bee.
Wasp: I like you too! But I'm not a bee, I'm a wasp. But that's fine because we're just getting to know each other. What do you wanna do first?!
Hulk: Hulk like food.
Wasp: Me too!
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