Get Wasp Hank Pym!

Get Wasp Hank Pym! is an Event Quest and part of the Ant-Man and The Wasp Event. It unlocks the Wasp Hank Pym outfit for Hank Pym.

Requirements Edit

Get Wasp Hank Pym!

  • 75 Dimensional Wave Inducers
  • 15 Mobile Laboratories

Quest Dialogue Edit

Wasp Hank Pym: That's it. If Ghost insists on using my technology to wreak havoc, I'm not going to leave this to anyone else. The only one who uses my tech to wreak havoc is me.
Nick Fury: After Thanos, I'm fairly sure these kids can handle a few ghosts.
Wasp Hank Pym: I made incredibly dangerous quantum energy-powered armor and I am going to use it to save my alternate-universe family and possibly the multiverse!
Nick Fury: ...Carry on.
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