Get Wakandan Black Panther!

Get Wakandan Black Panther! is an Event Quest and part of the Pet Avengers Event. It unlocks the Wakandan Black Panther outfit for Black Panther

Requirements Edit

Get Wakandan Black Panther!

  • 55 Heart Shaped Leaves, 25,000 Gift Cards

Quest Dialogue Edit

Loki: I wish you would have allowed me to transform you into something more unexpected. Even American Man let me turn him into a dinosaur.
Wakandan Black Panther: I've never wanted to be anything but the Black Panther. This form makes me feel closer to the Panther God than ever before.
Loki: But I could have turned you into anything. A lizard, a bilgesnipe, a bird...
Wakandan Black Panther: My sister has the ability to transform herself in to a flock of black birds. I was jealous when we were younger, but I've matured since then. I'm happy to be myself, and happy that she's so powerful.
Loki: Congratulations on your maturity, and familial camaraderie.
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