Get Thunder Hulk!

Get Thunder Hulk! is an Event Quest and part of the Thor: Ragnarok Event. It unlocks the Thunder Hulk outfit for Hulk.

Requirements Edit

Open the Thunder Crate for a chance to get Thunder Hulk!

  • 75 Shards

Quest Dialogue Edit

Thor: How does it feel, Hulk?!
Thunder Hulk: Hulk was already strongest there is, but Hulk never feel this strong. How'd you do it?
Thor: I have given you a portion of my powers. Thunder and lightning are now a part of you as they are a part of me. The forces of Hel will have no answer for our combined might.
Thunder Hulk: We're thunder bros.
Thor: Thunder bros indeed.
Loki: Thor granted you a portion of his powers?! What about me?!
Thunder Hulk: Puny god couldn't handle it. Hulk strongest there is.
Loki: This is completely unfair. Those powers should be mine.
Thunder Hulk: Maybe if you were nicer...
Loki: I pretend to be nice all the time...
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