Get Thanosbuster Iron Man!

Get Thanosbuster Iron Man! is an Event Quest and part of the Infinity War Event. It unlocks the Thanosbuster Iron Man outfit for Iron Man.

Requirements Edit

Get Thanosbuster Iron Man!

  • 100 Infinity Reactors

Quest Dialogue Edit

Iron Man: I'm getting some strange power readings coming from deep within Fury's office, readings with the kind of numbers I've only seen before with the Infinity Stones. He might have another set. Natasha, I need -
Black Widow: Say no more. I don't need an excuse to break into Fury's vaults.
Iron Man: Fine, but just know, you're missing out on a great Super Hero monologue.
Black Widow: You wrote a speech just to get me to help you?
Iron Man: I have a lot of free time.
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