Get Serpent Crown Falcon!

Get Serpent Crown Falcon! is an Event Quest and part of the Legends Assemble Event. It unlocks the Serpent Crown Falcon outfit for Falcon.

Requirements Edit

Get Serpent Crown Falcon!

  • 14 Vials of Venom, 4 Serpent Crowns, 2,340 Tridents

Quest Dialogue Edit

Falcon: You called for me, Odin?
Odin: Indeed. The Lemurians were in possession of an ancient artifact known as the Serpent Crown. The crown grants the wearer great power, but causes them to fall under the influence of the demon Set.
Falcon: You want me to drop it in a volcano?
Odin: I want you to wear it. Your will is strong, and your heart is pure. I believe you're the only one amongst us who can resist its evil influence.
Falcon: How long do I have to wear it?
Odin: Until the Dwarves of Nidavellir forge a powerful enough chest to contain its power, or Set's influence overcomes you. This is a choice, Falcon. We will find another way if it's asking too much.
Falcon: ...I'll do it. I've been waiting for my chance to save the day.
Loki: Oh, Hel no.
Falcon: Hey, I didn't ask for this. our dad asked me to wear the Serpent Crown, and the second I put it on, it morphed into this armor.
Loki: I should be the one wearing the Serpent Crown. You have no chance of resisting Set's influence.
Falcon: I thought Odin said you could only resist it if your heart is pure?
Loki: What's that supposed to mean?
Falcon: You pride yourself on lying and giving people mean nicknames...
Loki: Is there anything more pure than a mean nickname?
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