Get Ravager Captain America!

Get Ravager Captain America! is an Event Quest and part of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Event.

Requirements Edit

Quest Dialogue Edit

Yondu: Man! I had my doubts, but you make this look good!
Ravager Captain America: Remind me why I agreed to this...
Yondu: Cuz I run a mutinous crew of thugs n' scumbags, and you're the only man in the galaxy that can whip 'em into shape! I'd do it myself, but don't nobody wanna mop up all that blood.
Ravager Captain America: I guess we'll need the Ravagers to have any chance against Thanos...
Yondu: And you'll immediately win 'em over with that sweet hawk n' eye-thingie! You went from a square pretty boy to a real sleazebag Ravager!
Ravager Captain America: Thanks, Yondu. That means a lot coming from you.
Yondu: Give 'em hell, Captain! And please be gentle with my crystalline trinkets!
Post Action
Iron Man: I always thought being speechless was just a myth...
Ravager Captain America: I can't lead the Ravagers if I don't become one.
Iron Man: Nope. Still speechless.
Ravager Captain America: I'll wear this more often.
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