Get Punisher!

Get Punisher! is an Event Quest and part of the Daredevil Event and Defenders Event.

Requirements Edit

Daredevil Event Edit

Recruit Punisher!

  • Auto-completes after freeing Punisher from his Cell

Defenders Event Edit

Quest Dialogue Edit

Defenders Event Edit

Daredevil: Punisher! You're back!
Punisher: Yeah.
Daredevil: Where've you been?
Punisher: Nowhere.
Daredevil: What have you been doing?
Punisher: You don't wanna know.
Daredevil: ...Nice talking to you. I guess?
Punisher: Always a pleasure. Tell Foggy I say hi.
Pepper Potts: Welcome back to Avengers Academy, Punisher! Is there anything we can get for you?
Punisher: Revenge.
Pepper Potts: Anything specific that will help you get your revenge?
Punisher: Weapons.
Pepper Potts: How many? Any in particular?
Punisher: All the weapons.
Pepper Potts: ...
Punisher: Please.
Pepper Potts: Was that really that hard? Now I'll go get you all the weapons.
Punisher: Thank you.
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