Get Original Hawkeye!

Get Original Hawkeye! is an Event Quest and part of the Marvel Rising Event. It unlocks the Original Hawkeye outfit for Hawkeye.

Requirements Edit

Get Original Hawkeye!

  • 100 Bird Masks

Quest Dialogue Edit

Kate Bishop: You look amazing! I mean, like you're the robot leader of a band of eggplants amazing!
Original Hawkeye: Are eggplants amazing?
Kate Bishop: God yes! Have you tasted my ratatouille? My eggplant parmesan?
Original Hawkeye: Uh, no.
Kate Bishop: There's nothing wrong with being a vegetarian. Or a champion of vegetables.
Original Hawkeye: I am neither.
Kate Bishop: Have you seen how adorable Hawkeye looks in his streamlined purple suit?
Wasp: Of course! He looks amazing! I mean not many people can pull off purple like that.
Original Hawkeye: Watch it, ladies. I still have flawless aim.
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