Get Nova Corps Cosmo!

Get Nova Corps Cosmo! is an Event Quest and part of the Cosmic Cataclysm Event. It unlocks the Nova Corps Cosmo outfit for Cosmo the Spacedog.

Requirements Edit

Get Nova Corps Cosmo

  • 120 Nova Insignia
  • 25 Green Kree Helmets
  • 10 Red Kree Helmets

Quest Dialogue Edit

Nova Corps Cosmo: Friend Cosmo is joinink Nova Corps. Xandar is not havink enough soldiers to be enforcink order to galaxy. Xandar is needink Cosmo to be layink down laws.
Nova: Welcome to the team, buddy, but where did you get a dog-shaped uniform?
Wasp: I love putting dogs in people clothes!
Wasp: I took pictures!
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