Get Molly Hayes!

Get Molly Hayes! is an Event Quest and part of the The Runaways Special Event. It is the Recruitment Quest for Molly Hayes.

Requirements Edit

Get Molly Hayes!

  • 10 Molly Hayes Shards

Quest Dialogue Edit

Molly Hayes: Nico!
Nico Minoru: Molly?! You got so tall!
Molly Hayes: I had a growth spurt, so I'm not the shortest anymore!
Nico Minoru: You're still in high school, though. How'd you get here?
Molly Hayes: My grandma dropped me off. She made us cookies!
Pepper Potts: Your permission slip checks out, so welcome to Avengers Academy.
Molly Hayes: Thanks, Miss Potts. Is there anywhere I can take a nap? My powers make me really sleepy.
Pepper Potts: Honestly, I have no idea. I haven't slept in two days.
Molly Hayes: ...D'you want some coffee?
Pepper Potts: Yes, please.
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