Get Madame Masque!

Get Madame Masque! is an Event Quest and part of the Hell's Kitchen Halloween Event. It is the Recruitment Quest for Madame Masque.

Requirements Edit

Get Madame Masque!

  • 10 Madame Masque Shards

Quest Dialogue Edit

Nick Fury: Kingpin moved into the Maggia's old territory when your father left. This is your chance for revenge and an opportunity to use your family connections for good.
Madame Masque: And here I thought you reached out to me for my legitimate business concerns. Or have you always had those wrinkles under your eyes?
Nick Fury: Don't lie to me. I know about your role in the Maggia. You know about our role in driving them out. If we could get past the adversity, we have some ninjas to fight and a king to dethrone.
Madame Masque: ...I think we can do business.
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