Get Iron Spider-Man!

Get Iron Spider-Man! is an Event Quest and part of the Infinity War Event. It unlocks the Iron Spider-Man outfit for Spider-Man.

Requirements Edit

Get Iron Spider-Man!

  • 100 Iron Spiders

Quest Dialogue Edit

Iron Spider-Man: This suit is amazing! Spectacular! Sensational! You've really outdone yourself, Tony. I feel like I could take on a whole multiverse of Super Villains in this new spider armor you made for me.
Iron Man: That's good. You need to be in the best possible fighting shape if you're going to help us fight Thanos, so of course that means wearing a suit I designed. No need to thank me.
Iron Spider-Man: To be honest, if it weren't for this suit, I'd be a bit nervous about fighting a guy whose defining characteristics are a glove, purple skin, and killing people.
Iron Man: I said, "No need to thank me." But you really should thank me. Look at your abs! That is some Grade-A Tony Stark cyborging, right there.
Iron Spider-Man: Thank you!
Iron Man: Now get out there and give that iron suit a test swing.
Iron Spider-Man: Did you see? I was shot, stabbed, burned, choke-slammed. I think I punched a spaceship at one point? Some of that has happened to me back in Queens, but this time I didn't feel a thing!
Iron Man: Between your webs and my armor, you'll be practically invincible. And a babe magnet! Hey, that reminds me. I wonder if I still have Black Cat's number...
Iron Spider-Man: Because you made me this phenomenal new armor, I will pretend I didn't hear that.
Iron Man: I'm glad you like the suit, kid. And I want you to remember how much you like the suit when I tell you the thing that I neglected to mention before.
Iron Spider-Man: Oh boy. Is it about Felicia?
Iron Man: Way worse. You see, I had another genius scientist help me build the Iron Spider-Man armor. Someone with a keen understanding of your spider powers.
Iron Spider-Man: Just please don't tell me you made this suit with my sworn nemesis, Norman Osborn, alias The Green Goblin!
Iron Man: You got it, buddy. Gonna go text Felicia.
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