Get Inferno!

Get Inferno! is an Event Quest and part of the Marvel Rising Event. It is the Recruitment Quest for Inferno.

Requirements Edit

Get Inferno!

  • 10 Inferno Shards

Quest Dialogue Edit

Medusa: The Avengers defended our people from Maximus and Arnim Zola. Now, they need you.
Inferno: The Avengers? Are you serious, your majesty?
Medusa: Terrigenesis gave you a gift, Inferno. A gift you've managed to control.
Inferno: Well, I haven't set anything on fire lately that I didn't want to set on fire...
Medusa: About that. Do you know what happened to my favorite dress?
Inferno: Oh, look, the Avengers need me!
Pepper Potts: Thank you for joining us. Inferno, was it?
Inferno: My sister picked it. See, my real name is Dante, and she thought... Well, the name stuck. Medusa won't call me anything else.
Pepper Potts: She has faith in you, and Captain Marvel requested you specifically.
Inferno: I promise not to burn the place down by mistake.
Pepper Potts: Don't worry about that. I've been putting out Super Hero fires for years.
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