Get Hyped! Pt. 2

Get Hyped!, Pt. 2 is an Event Quest and part of the Spider-Man Event.

Requirement Edit

  • Upgrade Electro! (Rank 3)
    • 10 Power Symbiote Samples
    • 5 Toxic Symbiote Samples
    • 10 Speed Symbiote Samples
    • 2,785 Klyntarites
Character Action Time Location
Electro Pound Energy Drinks! 45m Club A (bar)
Electro Ride the Lightning! 2hr Paths
Loki: Can you feel the power hidden somewhere beneath our feet?
Electro: Yeah. Not sure if it's electricity, but it's something big. Real big...
Loki: It's Fury's mystery cache. Can you absorb the power from here?
Electro: I don't know, man. I'm beat. Maybe if I get as hyped as possible, but there's just as much of a chance that I use all the juice I got left, and fall flat on my headband...
Loki: Do your best, Electricity-Man. I'll be here to catch you...
Loki: What happened?
Electro: You talkin' about how I absorbed all that hidden power?! About how you can't suck it out of me like last time?! About how I found out that's how all my juice got zapped in the first place?!
Loki: Yes...?
Electro: I tapped into that power! The real power! I hardly got a shred of it, and it made me stronger than I ever been! Enough to knock out whatever magic you put in me to drain my juice! Electro's back, baby!
Loki: What now...?
Electro: Don't be scared, little man! I ain't mad! I ain't nothin' now but raw energy. And I want more! More! MORE! MORE! MORE!
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