Get Hulkling

Get Hulkling! is an Event Quest and part of the Young Avengers Mini-Event. It is the Recruitment Quest for Hulkling.

Requirements Edit

Level 6 (to start the Event)

  • 290 Kang Helmets

Quest Dialogue Edit

Pre-Action 1
Black Widow: I'm gonna get you out of here.
Hulkling: Free Wiccan and Stinger first.
Black Widow: That's really chivalrous of you, but it makes more sense to free the guy who can use his shape-shifting powers to turn into a giant space dragon, and chomp Kang's head off.
Hulkling: Why does everyone think I can do that?
Black Widow: You can't?
Hulkling: No. I mean, I can make myself look like a dragon, but no a giant one. And it still wouldn't make me wanna decapitate someone with my teeth.
Black Widow: Huh. I guess you can't believe everything you eavesdrop
Pre-Action 2
Hulk: You're Hulk?
Hulkling: Hulkling. I'm not gamma-powered or anything. I chose the name because I turn green and strong, and I'm part changeling. I always thought you were cool...
Hulkling: Wait!
Hulk: Try it!
Hulkling: ...Hulkling smash?
Hulk: Hulk always wanted little brother!
Pepper Potts: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Hulkling! Director Fury would like to speak to you immediately.
Hulkling: About saving Wiccan and Stinger?
Pepper Potts: About you causing an intergalactic war.
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