Get Franken-Castle Punisher!

Get Franken-Castle Punisher! is an Event Quest and part of the Avengers Halloween Event 2017. It unlocks the Franken-Castle outfit for Punisher.

Requirements Edit

Get Franken-Castle Punisher!

  • 40 Prima Materia, 17,000 Commando Badges

Quest Dialogue Edit

Daredevil: Punisher?! What happened?!
Franken-Castle Punisher: Oh, nothing. Some guy chopped me to pieces. Another guy put me back together. Now I'm a monster or somethin'.
Daredevil: You're joking...
Franken-Castle Punisher: You ever heard me tell a joke?
Daredevil: What are you gonna do now?
Franken-Castle Punisher: Bein' dead doesn't change nothin'. I'm gonna get right back to punishing...
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