Get Elemental Doctor Voodoo! is a Event Quest for Marvel's Doctor Strange Event. It unlocks the Elemental Doctor Voodoo outfit for Doctor Voodoo.

Requirements Edit

Get Elemental Doctor Voodoo!

  • 42 Necronomicons
  • 20,563 Arcane Artifacts

Quest Dialogue Edit

Doctor Strange: I never pictured you as an air element guy...
Elemental Doctor Voodoo: Air is more than a cool breeze and fluffy clouds. This armor lets me harness the power of hurricanes, tornadoes, and lightning.
Doctor Strange: I don't think lightning is air...
Elemental Doctor Voodoo: Lightning comes from the sky.
Doctor Strange: So does rain. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure rain is made of water.
Elemental Doctor Voodoo: Why are we arguing about lightning when we should be fighting Kaecilius.
Doctor Strange: You're right. If I see you shoot him with lightning, I'll admit I'm wrong...
Thor: Great Odin's Raven! A second god of thunder?!
Elemental Doctor Voodoo: This is just an elemental combat suit that lets me use the power of storms to strengthen my usual abilities.
Thor: Verily! Let us bump fists like true thunder brothers!
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