Get Cosmic Ghost Rider Punisher!

Get Cosmic Ghost Rider Punisher! is an Event Quest and part of the Infinity War Event. It unlocks the Cosmic Ghost Rider Punisher outfit for Punisher.

Requirements Edit

Get Cosmic Ghost Rider Punisher

  • 100 Flaming Skulls

Quest Dialogue Edit

Mephisto: How do you like your new powers, Frank Castle?
Cosmic Ghost Rider Punisher: Who knew magic would give me so much firepower? Thanos ain't gonna know what hit 'im.
Mephisto: Don't forget what we discussed. You promised your soul for all the power I'm granting you.
Cosmic Ghost Rider Punisher: I had no choice. Thanos is the strongest being in the universe and this was the only way to level the playing field.
Cosmic Ghost Rider Punisher: Plus, we never agreed to you making me this ugly.
Mephisto: What do you mean? The look is based loosely off of me.
Cosmic Ghost Rider Punisher: You couldn't find a better model?
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