Get Captain Coulson!

Get Captain Coulson! is an Event Quest and part of the Avengers Halloween Event 2017. It unlocks the Captain Coulson outfit for Phil Coulson.

Requirements Edit

Get Captain Coulson!

  • Raise 3 relationships with Werewolf by Night to level 4

Quest Dialogue Edit

Captain Coulson: What do you think?!
Captain America: I honestly don't know what to think...
Captain Coulson: My mom made me a Captain America costume just like this when I was a little kid. I used to wear it everywhere. I decided to make a new one for Halloween!
Captain America: I don't remember ever dressing like that...
Captain Coulson: The idea just came to me as a kid. I always thought you'd be even more awesome if you rode around on a red, white, and blue motorcycle.
Captain America: I do like motorcycles...
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