Get Bucky Barnes!

Get Bucky Barnes! is an Event Quest and part of the Multiverse Special Event. It is the Recruitment Quest for Bucky Barnes.

Requirements Edit

Recruit Bucky Barnes!

  • 595 Shards

Quest Dialogue Edit

Captain America: Bucky?!
Bucky Barnes: Hey, Cap! I haven't seen you this surprised since you found a Hydra's tooth in your boot!
Captain America: You're... the real you. I mean, the original you. I mean, before everything happened...
Bucky Barnes: I'm a time traveler! Gosh, I don't ever remember you being this mumbly. Dum Dum was always the mumbly grumbly one.
Captain America: It's just you're in for some surprises. So much has changed. It won't be easy...
Bucky Barnes: Then it's a good thing your old pal Bucky is here to help you out!
Bucky Barnes: Hey, pal! How are you?
Winter Soldier: How are any of us? Why does it matter?
Bucky Barnes: Gosh, you seem really familiar. Did you grow up in Brooklyn?
Winter Soldier: I'm from a cold place surrounded by pain, guilt, and regret. The past is empty gray clouds, and the only future is what might have been.
Bucky Barnes: Maybe you can take me some time! I sure do love visiting new places!
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