Get Asgard's Assassin Angela

Get Asgard's Assassin Angela is an Event Quest and part of the Return of A-Force Special Event. It unlocks the Asgard's Assassin Angela outfit for Angela.

Requirements Edit

Get Asgard's Assassin Angela

  • 55 Angelic Helmets, 20,000 Membership Cards

Quest Dialogue Edit

Frigga: This is Siriana of the Aesir's wedding gown. It becomes whatever the wearer finds most beautiful. In your case, that appears to be...
Asgard's Assassin Angela: A magnificent suit of armor.
Frigga: It is powerful and strong, fit for Asgard's finest warriors. I want you to have it.
Asgard's Assassin Angela: Really?!
Frigga: Consider it a gift, for your last few hundred birthdays.
Asgard's Assassin Angela: I know you call this a gift, but I cannot accept it without giving something in return. Angels always pay their debts.
Frigga: You are my daughter. You owe me nothing.
Asgard's Assassin Angela: Please, let me balance the scales.
Frigga: As you wish...
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