Get Angela

Get Angela! is an Event Quest and part of the A-Force Event. It is the Recruitment Quest for Angela.

Requirements Edit

Recruit Angela!

  • 7 Gold Ornaments
  • 6 Demon Skulls
  • 12 Red Ornaments
  • 10,000 Odin Treasures

Quest Dialogue Edit

Lady Loki: Welcome to Avengers Academy, sister.
Angela: I'm only here to finish my hunt of Malekith. I have business in other realms.
Lady Loki: If that business involves eliminating the rulers of those realms, I would be happy to assist...
Angela: Hmm. I suppose I could find some use for a snarky sidekick.
Pepper Potts: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Angela! Is there anything we can get for you?
Angela: Weapons.
Pepper Potts: Any kind in particular?
Angela: The deadly kind.
Pepper Potts: I'll show you what we have in lost and found...
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