Get Agent Peggy Carter!

Get Agent Peggy Carter! is an Event Quest and part of the Legends Assemble Event. It unlocks the Agent Peggy Carter outfit for Peggy Carter.

Requirements Edit

  • Invite Peggy Carter!
  • Get Agent Peggy Carter!
    • 345 Shards

Quest Dialogue Edit

Agent Peggy Carter: The Academy is facing a three-pronged attack from a coalition of evil involving Hydra. We need a proper battle strategy. I thought my old SSR uniform might get me into the proper frame of mind.
Captain America: Yeah...
Agent Peggy Carter: I know it's a bit silly, but there are people here dressed like penguins and bananas...
Captain America: It's not that. It's...
Agent Peggy Carter: It's what?! Spit it out, Rogers.
Captain America: It's... beautiful...
Phil Coulson: Is that your original SSR uniform?!
Agent Peggy Carter: It is.
Phil Coulson: Can I get a picture?
Agent Peggy Carter: I'm in a bit of a rush,but I suppose so. Where would you like me to stand?
Phil Coulson: I want you to take a picture of me! I need to remember the look on my face the first time I saw Peggy Carter in her original SSR uniform!
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