Get 2099 Punisher!

Get 2099 Punisher! is an Event Quest and part of the Defenders Event. It unlocks the 2099 Punisher outfit for Punisher.

Requirements Edit

Get 2099 Punisher!

  • Defeat Madame Gao streak 7

Quest Dialogue Edit

Iron Man: Whoa! You're the last person I expected to go high-tech.
2099 Punisher: I was hunting a guy, and ended up in 2099. I like it there. It's Grim. And gritty.
Iron Man: Somebody there gave you this suit?
2099 Punisher: Yeah, I got it from their Punisher. Cool guy. He's pretty much just like me except... I take it back. He's exactly like me.
Iron Man: What are you gonna do with all these pouches and high-tech gear?
2099 Punisher: Extreme punishing.
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