Friends of the Tower, pt. 3

Friends of the Tower, pt. 3 is an Event Quest and part of the Inhumans Event.

Requirements Edit

Upgrade Karnak! (Rank 2)

  • 35 Green Terrigen Crystal, 2,500 Attilan Artifacts
Character Action Time Location
Karnak Exploit Weaknesses 4m Robo Dojo

Quest Dialogue Edit

Karnak: My queen says you've recently undergone Terrigenesis. I am here to guide you through this journey.
Moon Girl: I'm already the smartest person on Earth. Swapping bodies with a big red dinosaur is mostly just an inconvenience.
Karnak: What if you could control it, so you no longer end up on the evening news by mistake?
Moon Girl: You saw that, huh?
Karnak: The Tower of Wisdom has cable.
Devil Dinosaur: Mrggggh!
Karnak: I'm sure this is frustrating, but you'll be able to control it with practice.
Devil Dinosaur: Graaaar!
Karnak: Just make sure Devil Dinosaur doesn't run off with your body.
Moon Girl: Rawr!
Karnak: ...Again.
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