Forget the Passst, Pt. 1

Forget the Passst, Pt. 1 is an Event Quest and part of the Spider-Man Event.

Requirements Edit

Get the Oscorp Lab!

  • 100 Oscoins
Character Action Time Location
The Lizard Work Through It 10m Oscorp Lab (lab table)
The Lizard: Where'sss Osssborn?
Doctor Octopus: I neither know, nor care. I asked him if he'd seen my pen, and he screamed "Trick or Treat!" and disappeared into a cloud of green smoke.
The Lizard: He'sss sssuch a drama queen.
Doctor Octopus: Agreed.
The Lizard: Do you mind if I do sssome work here? I'm only interesssted in reversssing the effectsss of the Lizard Ssserum.
Doctor Octopus: Help yourself. But if your tail brushes up against my tentacles, we will have a problem...
The Lizard: You should think about leaving Ossscorp. Norman Osssborn isss on a path of ssself-dessstruction, and he'll drag down anyone ssstanding with him.
Doctor Octopus: Forgive me if I don't take advice from a lizard with a bowtie.
The Lizard: I'm trying to help you!
Doctor Octopus: Congratulations, reptile. You've just discovered a new way to fail...
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