End of Illusions!

End of Illusions! is an Event Quest and part of the Spider-Man Event.

Requirements Edit

  • Defeat Mysterio 2 times!
Mysterio: Who are you?
Spider-Gwen: Where I'm from, they call me Spider-Woman. Here, they call me Spider-Gwen. All that matters is I came all the way from another dimension to kick your dome in.
Mysterio: Duel to the death with a spider hero from an alternate universe? I can't imagine a better way to end my final performance...
Spider-Gwen: I understand wanting to perform, but there's less painful ways to do it. Have you ever thought about playing an instrument?
Mysterio: I've thought about every conceivable way to play the world like a fiddle.
Spider-Gwen: Whatever. If you're just gonna say lame Super Villain stuff, I'm gonna leave.
Mysterio: I'm pretty good with an accordion.
Spider-Gwen: For real?
Mysterio: We should jam sometime after I conquer the world.
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