"Midgard didn't know what was mean before me."

The magical, mean, man-controlling Asgardian, Enchantress, civilian name Amora, is the fifth recruitable character in Avengers Academy. Her Recruitment Quest is Mean Girl. Her Mission Board Quests can be found here.

Requirements Edit

Avengers Academy 1.0 Edit

  • Level 4
  • Collect 15 Asgardian Jewelry
  • Collect 20 Avengers Textbooks
  • 1,013 Credits
  • Have Iron Man Practice Pick Up Lines

Avengers Academy 2.0 Edit

10 Enchantress Shards

  • Defeat Heroic 3.6 - 3.10

Upgrades Edit

Each time Enchantress is upgraded, she gives +10% on Mission Board Quests.

  • Avengers Academy 2.0:
Rank Title Cost Mission
2 Femme Fatale 500 Credits, 10 Mystic Fragments Bragging Rights, Pt. 2
3 Sorceress Supreme 1,000 Credits, 25 Mystic Fragments Pawns In Her Game
4 Alpha Female 5,000 Credits, 50 Mystic Fragments
5 Asgardian Goddess 20,000 Credits, 100 Mystic Fragments
  • Avengers Academy 1.0:
Rank Level Required Cost
2 14 1,764 Credits
3 23 8,154 Credits, 20 Avengers Textbooks, 30 Asgardian Jewelry
4 38
5 42

Combat Attributes Edit

Mystic Support
Skills Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6
Basic Attack Sucker Punch 100% basic attack damage +7% +9% +11% +13% +15%
Special Attack Distracting Sweep 98% attack damage on single enemy with a -11% accuracy debuff for 1 turn. Replaces every 3rd basic attack. +4% damage % -1% debuff +9% & -3% +14% & -5% +24% & -7% +39% & -12%
Ultimate 1 Charming 35% chance to set charm status on 2 random enemies for 1 turn +4% chance +7% +14% +21% +35%
Passive Weaken +15% atk buff for all allies in the back row +2% buff +3% +6% +9% +15%
Ultimate 2 Shot through the Heart 113% attack damage and -19% attack debuff on all back row enemies. +11% damage & -4% debuff +22% & -6% +39% & -11% +67% & -19% +90% & -28%


Enchantress's Rank 1 outfit is a short sleeved green v-neck wrap top, a black miniskirt, thigh-high green and black leggings, and black boots.

Enchantress's Rank 3 outfit is a green and gold v-neck top with cap sleeves, a black wrap skirt, thigh-high gold and black leggings, and black boots.

Enchantress's Rank 5 outfit is a gold metallic top with green sleeves, a floor-length green wrap skirt, and knee-high black and gold boots. She's wearing a green, spiky tiara.


Before Enchantress was recruited, she attended a party hosted by Iron Man where she hypnotized Hawkeye and Ant-Man into fighting over her.


Nick Fury created the Thunderbolts because he wanted a team that would do the dirty work that the more good-hearted students would not do, so the team consisted mostly of former criminals that wanted to turn their life around, Enchantress became one of its members.

Character RelationshipsEdit

Black Widow Edit

Black Widow and Enchantress have a vaguely confrontational relationship, but Natasha has admitted that she hates Enchantress less than she should.

Captain America Edit

Captain America is completely immune to Enchantress's powers. While he's willing to give anyone a second chance, and give anything the old college try, he doesn't trust her as far as he could throw her.

Crystal Edit

Enchantress and Crystal don't get along. When they first met, Enchantress immediately insulted Crystal's hair and elemental abilities. Crystal retaliated by threatening to turn Enchantress's hair green.

Falcon Edit

Falcon is vulnerable to Enchantress's powers. However, in Mind Control, Pt. 1 , Enchantress tried to brainwash Sam.

Gorgon Edit

Enchantress broke Maximus the Mad's mind control over Gorgon. She wasn't sure if it would destroy his mind in the process, but it was a risk she was willing to take.

Iron Man Edit

Iron Man is a little in love with Enchantress due to her powers, but refuses to assassinate anyone for her, especially not someone he respects.

Jemma Simmons Edit

Jemma Simmons despises Enchantress because she hates inauthentic people, and Enchantress once put Leo Fitz under mind control.

Leo Fitz Edit

Enchantress invited Leo Fitz on a romantic evening walk. When he declined because he already has a girlfriend, Enchantress mesmerized him and compelled him to go on the date with her.


Loki is one of the few people Enchantress hasn't attempted to ensnare. They are also competitive about their magical abilities.

Satana Edit

Enchantress offered Satana an alliance, but she proceeded to insult her, so Satana turned it down.

Taskmaster Edit

Taskmaster is one of the few people who seems to tolerate Enchantress sans mind control, mainly because she gives him plenty of targets to fight.

Triton Edit

Enchantress joined Triton's side-team, because he's the only other person on campus with an appreciation for moisturized skin.

Wasp Edit

Wasp tried to befriend Enchantress, but Enchantress was mean enough to repel her.


Enchantress is voiced by Laura Bailey.

  • "Boys are dumb."
  • "Everything but me is irrelevant."
  • "I don't hate you—but I don't like you."
  • "I look incredible."
  • "Move aside, peasant."
  • "My sorcery is only matched by my beauty."
  • "There can only be one Enchantress!"
  • "Time to shine!"
  • "Whatever."
  • "You're already under my spell."

Gratitude Lines Edit

  • "Fantastic. How would you like to be an ingredient in my next potion?"
  • "I'm in your debt. Please tell me if you ever need someone hypnotized."
  • "Thank you. You are surprisingly competent for a Midgardian."
  • "Well done. You are an exemplary peasant."


Icon Name Time Location Rank Notes
Mar action cast spells large v2@4x
Cast Spells 1m Quad (paths) 1
Mar action make a scene large v2@4x
Scoff At Peons 1m Club A (bar) 3
Mar action study large v2@4x
Study Brain Chemistry 2m The Timeless Archives (book) 1
Asgardian Gauntlet
Destroy Them All 3m Asgardian Gauntlet (platform) 3
Mar action judgment- large v2@4x
Judge Everyone 3m Quad (left bench) 1
Mar action run at gym@4x
Remain Stunning 25m The Power Gym (treadmill) 2
Mar action ecnhantress refine attack@4x
Refine Attacks 30m The Blasting Range (firing points) 2
Mar action dances at lounge large v2@4x
Steal The Spotlight 45m Club A (dance floor) 3
Mar action play with particles large v2@4x
Mix Potions 1h Pym's Lab
(chemical station)
Mar action hynotized iron man large v2@4x
Hypnotize Iron Man 2h Quad (Lower Left) 1 Requires Iron Man
Mar action use stark initiative large v2@4x
Mesmerize the Mortals 2h Stark Tower (Stark Initiative) 1
Mar action curse artifacts@4x
Curse Artifacts 4h The Asgardian Forge (magic pool) 3
Mar action enchant@4x
Enchant Artifacts 8h The Asgardian Forge (magic pool) 2
Action Channel Your Inner Diva
Channel Your Inner Diva 4h Wonder Auditorium (microphone)
Action Practice Motivational Speaking
Practice Motivational Speaking 4h Wonder Auditorium (microphone)
Action Toil and Trouble
Toil and Trouble 3m Haunted Avengers Mansion (garden) 1 Requires Wicked Witch Enchantress Outfit
Action Take Flight-0
Take Flight 5m Quad (flying) 1 Requires Wicked Witch Enchantress Outfit
Action Create a Monster
Create a Monster 4h Avengers Hall (outside) 1 Requires Supreme Enchantress Outfit
Action Be Irresistable
Be Irresistible 4h Avengers Park (tree) 1 Requires Supreme Enchantress Outfit & a male student
Action Synchonrized Sorcery
Synchronized Sorcery 1h Aquatic Park (water tank) 1 Requires Mermaid Enchantress outfit
Action Be Queen of the Sea
Be Queen of the Sea 15m Quad (paths) 1 Requires Mermaid Enchantress outfit
Action Indulge
Indulge 2h Quad (upper right) 1 Requires Golden Goddess Enchantress outfit & a male student
Action Golden Touch
Golden Touch 4h Club A (bar) 1 Requires Golden Goddess Enchantress outfit
Action Draw Them In
Draw Them In 4h Avengers Park (left bench) 1 Requires Iron Enchantress outfit
Action Bounce Back
Bounce Back 4h Quad (lower right) 1 Requires Iron Enchantress outfit


Golden Goddess Enchantress Edit

Hel's Queen Enchantress Edit

  • Available for a limited time during the Thor: Ragnarok Event
    • 26 Niflheim Globes, 90 Hel Keys, 20,000 Warriors Helms
  • Available for a limited time during the Back to School Event
    • 10 Cheese Wheels
  • Adds Actions: N/A
  • Combat Benefits: Gives a +3% boost to HP.
  • Related Quest: Get Hel's Queen Enchantress!

Iron Enchantress Edit

  • Available for a limited time during the Armor Wars Event
    • 8 Rainbows, 6 Ceramic Unicorns, 30 Chainmail Bikinis, 7 Armor, 4,000 Iron Scraps
  • Adds Actions: Draw Them In & Bounce Back
  • Related Quest: Get Iron Enchantress!

Mermaid Enchantress Edit

Space Warrior Enchantress Edit

Supreme Enchantress Edit

  • Available for a limited time during the Marvel's Doctor Strange Event
    • 12 Poison Apples, 40 Ravens, 4 Emerald Feathers, 5,217 Arcane Artifacts
  • Available for a limited time during the Armor Wars Event
  • Adds Actions: Create a Monster & Be Irresistible
  • Related Quest: ???

Wicked Witch Enchantress Edit

  • Available for a limited time during the Avengers Halloween Event
    • 40 Bat Wings, 15 Vampire Pumpkins, 4 Flying Brooms, 5,995 Candies
  • Available for a limited time during the Avengers Halloween Event 2017
    • Get 6 relationships to level 2
  • Adds Actions: Toil and Trouble & Take Flight
  • Related Quest: Get Wicked Witch Enchantress!


  • When using her action: Toil and Trouble, it shows the portrait of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and M.O.D.O.K., respectively.


Icon GalleryEdit

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