Drax's Cage is a Building that was available during the limited-time Guardians of the Galaxy Event. Drax's Cage takes up 5 x 5 (25) plots.

Previous Pawn Shop Item: Cosmo the Spacedog

Next Pawn Shop Item: Milano Starship

Requirements Edit

  • Quest: Cage Match!
  • Cost: 6,325 Energy Crystals, 15 Enhanced Chitauri Armors
  • Time: 3h

Action Areas Edit

Drax's Cage has no upgrades and offers one action area from the moment you buy it.

  • Cage - Characters spar against each other using the standard fighting animation. Exclusive to Gamora.

Interactions Edit

Drax's Cage allows interactions for Gamora.

Gamora Edit

  • Destroy Each Other! - 3h, Requires 1 other student

Gallery Edit

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