Defect And Destroy Pt1

Defect and Destroy, Pt. 1 is an Event Quest and the part of the limited-time Civil War Event.

Requirements Edit

Recruit Crossbones!

  • 145 Crossbones Tokens
  • 15 Field Gear
  • 15 Field Communicator
  • 4500 Vibranium

Quest Dialogue Edit

Crossbones: I don't care about you or Hydra, I just roll with whoever's paying the most...
Black Panther: Wakanda does not employ mercenaries...
Crossbones: Then I guess I'll take my chances with Hydra.
Black Panther: Wakanda also does not steal from our enemies. If you help us defeat Hydra's leadership, their school and their bases will be left unguarded. And the loot they've amassed will be all yours...
Crossbones: Sorry, but I don't think I want to join Team Cap. Mostly because I hate you.
Captain America: I'm just here to warn you not to turn on my friends.
Crossbones: Or what?
Captain America: Or I'll be scraping that face paint off my shield for the second time...
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