Cosmonaut, pt. 1

Cosmonaut, pt. 1 is an Event Quest and part of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Event.

Requirements Edit

Name Action Time Location Notes
Cosmo the Spacedog Fetchink! 3m Quad Requires another student

Quest Dialogue Edit

Hawkeye: Do you wanna play, buddy?!
Cosmo the Spacedog: Cosmo must be returnink to duty. Knowhere Security is needink his assistance.
Hawkeye: Who's a good boy?!
Cosmo the Spacedog: Is Cosmo?! Is Cosmo beink good boy?!
Lucky: Grrrrr...
Cosmo the Spacedog: Do not be afraid, comrade Lucky! Cosmo is not takink your human.
Lucky: Woof!
Cosmo the Spacedog: Haha, yes! Bird man is smellink like coffee and pizza crusts! You are killink Cosmo with the observational humors.
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