Club Galaxy is a Building. It was only available to build and upgrade during the limited-time Guardians of the Galaxy Event. To access it, you first need to buy the Meteorite, Nova Blaster Arcade, and Star-Lord's Cassette Deck.

It became available again for a limited-time during the Guardians Return Mini-Event.

There is a dance floor, a stage with hovering musical instruments, and stairs leading up to a floating balcony.

Club Galaxy takes up 5 x 6 (30) plots.

Requirements Edit

Guardians of the Galaxy Event Edit

  • Stage 1 - Stage 1 of Club Galaxy is the basic layout.
    • Unlocks at: Level 6
    • Quest: Good Times, pt. 1
    • Cost: 4 Chitauri Armor (dropped from defeated Chitauri Henchmen) and 1,059 Energy Crystals
    • Time: 7m 14s
    • New Action Areas: Dance Floor, Table
  • Stage 2
    • Unlocks at: Level 6
    • Quest: Rock Solo
    • Cost: 2 Chitauri Armor and 1,059 Energy Crystals
    • Time: 3h
    • New Action Areas: Guitar
  • Stage 3
    • Unlocks at: Level 6
    • Quest: Club Life, Pt. 1
    • Cost: 3,463 Energy Crystals
    • Time: 4h
    • New Action Areas: None

Guardians Return Mini-Event Edit

  • Stage 1
    • Unlocks at: Level 6
    • Quest: Club it Up!
    • Cost: 100 Credits
    • Time: 1h
  • Stage 2
    • Cost: 200 Credits
    • Time: 1h
  • Stage 3
    • Cost: 500 Credits
    • Time: 1h

Action Areas Edit

  • Dance Floor - an irregularly shaped space on the first floor of Club Galaxy. Leveling up Club Galaxy adds a rainbow of colors to the previously black floor. Four characters allowed at a time.
  • Guitar - Gamora shreds it on the guitar onstage. One character allowed at a time.
  • Drums - a set of drums on the stage. One character allowed at a time.
  • Keyboard - The Collector plays the keys with several extremities. One character allowed at a time.
  • Stage - the raised stage.
  • Table - a table on the third floor of the club. One character allowed at a time.

Interactions Edit

Adam Warlock Edit

  • Own the Show - 3h, Stage

Beta Ray Bill Edit

  • Electric Slide - 3h, Dance Floor

Captain America Edit

  • American Rock - 2h, Stage (Requires Ravager Captain America outfit)

Cosmo the Spacedog Edit

  • Dancink - 5h, Dance Floor

Drax the Destroyer Edit

  • Destroy the Drums - 3m, Drums

Falcon Edit

  • Moonwalk - 2h, Dance Floor (Requires Astronaut Falcon outfit)

Gamora Edit

  • Melt Faces - 3m, Guitar
  • Rock the Mic - 5h, Guitar

Groot Edit

  • Set the Scene - 15m, Dance Floor
  • Light It Up - 4h, Dance Floor

Hyperion Edit

  • Play Catch - 5h, Dance Floor

Lil' Groot Edit

  • Dance! - 5h, Dance Floor
  • DJ! - 3h, Table

Mantis Edit

  • Feel the Glow - 3m, Dance Floor

Mar-Vell Edit

  • Avert Catastrophe - 4h, Dance Floor, Requires another student
  • Keep Time - 5h, Drums

Nebula Edit

  • Ms. Roboto - 6h, Dance Floor

Noh-Varr Edit

  • Face the Music - 5h, Stage
  • Party Like an Earthling - 4h, Dance Floor

Nova Edit

  • Nova Skate - 3m, Dance Floor

Rocket Raccoon Edit

  • Break it Down - 15m, Dance Floor

Star-Lord Edit

  • Dance-Off! - 15m, Dance Floor

The Collector Edit

  • Tickle the Ivories - 15m, Keyboard

Yondu Edit

  • Serve Yourself - 3m, Table

Gallery Edit

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