Clear The Air

Clear The Air is a Storyline Quest. Enchantress wants Iron Man to clear away part of the Asgardian Zone of the timefog.


Character Action Time Location
Iron Man Supercharge Satellites 12hr Stark Tower (holo display)
Enchantress Mesmerize The Mortals 2hr Stark Tower (hot tub)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Enchantress: Tony, I need you to use your technology to clear more timefog.
Iron Man: No way. You're always asking me to do stuff for nothing in return, and playing with my hormonally-charged emotions.
Enchantress: What if I were to spend some time in your hot tub?
Iron Man: Together?!
Enchantress: No.
Iron Man: I'll take what I can get.
Iron Man: How was the hot tub?
Enchantress: Surprisingly pleasant. What do you add to give the water such a sweet scent?
Iron Man: Oh yeah. I dropped a chocolate cake in there at breakfast...
Enchantress: That leaves so many questions...
Iron Man: Let me know when you want to get together and talk about it.
Enchantress: Of course. I'll call you as soon as we complete our mission to overthrow Odin, and destroy Avengers Academy.
Iron Man: I still got it...
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