Chitauri Warrior, civilian name Kleaakh, was an antagonist in the Return of A-Force Special Event. During the event, Proxima Midnight sends him to battle the Avengers.

Story Edit

He was one of the strongest of the Chitauri and was made to fight the Avengers by Proxima Midnight.

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Chitauri Warrior has blue skin and a skull-like face with red eyes. His outfit is a white variant of the Chitauri Footsoldier uniform. The top has purple streaks and white accents with gold armor plating on the arms, hips. shoulders and below the open chestplate. The bottoms have gold blaster-holders on either thigh and also has gold armor plating for the knees and legs. The shoes are completely gold plated. He also wears an open Pharaoh-like helmet and has a black v-shaped metallic implant right below the neck and above the chest.

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Chitauri Boss Edit

He is a part of the Chitauri Boss's army.

Proxima Midnight Edit

Proxima Midnight sends him to battle the Avengers when she attacked the Academy.

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