• AKindofMagic93

    To Do List

    October 29, 2019 by AKindofMagic93

    Van Dyne's Outfits

    Cloak: We're Solid, pt. 1 / We're Solid, pt. 2 / Blackout! Pt. 1 / Blackout! Pt. 2

    The Hood: Magic and Mayhem, pt. 3 - post-action dialogue / The New Illuminati, pt. 1 / The New Illuminati, pt. 2 / The New Illuminati, pt. 3

    The Ancient One: Spirit Quest, pt. 1

    Nico Minoru: Witchbreaker, pt. 1 / Witchbreaker, pt. 2 / Witchbreaker, pt. 3

    Hope van Dyne: Dragons of a Feather, pt. 1

    Ghost: Dead And Alive, pt. 1

    Bullseye: A Shot at Redemption, pt. 2 / A Little Ultraviolence, pt. 1 / A Little Ultraviolence, pt. 2

    Mandarin: Thunder and Lightning, pt. 1

    Inferno: Totally Metal, pt. 1

    Teen Groot: A Grove of Groots, pt. 1 / A Grove of Groots, pt. 2 / A Grove of Groots, pt. 3 / Disrespect the Elders, pt. 1

    Hogun: Hogun the Grim, pt. 2 / The Lost Gods, pt…

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  • AKindofMagic93
    1. Iron Man - Hero Management / Character Selector
    2. Wasp - Hero Management / Character Selector
    3. Loki - Hero Management / Character Selector
    4. Black Widow - Hero Management / Character Selector
    5. Falcon - Hero Management / Character Selector
    6. Enchantress - Hero Management / Character Selector
    7. Captain America - Hero Management / Character Selector
    8. Ms. Marvel - Hero Management / Character Selector
    9. Taskmaster - Hero Management / Character Selector
    10. Ant-Man - Hero Management / Character Selector
    11. Maria Hill - Hero Management / Character Selector
    12. Tigra - Hero Management / Character Selector
    13. Hulk - Hero Management / Character Selector
    14. Crimson Dynamo - Hero Management / Character Selector
    15. Hawkeye - Hero Management / Character Selector
    16. Thor - Hero Management / Character Sele…
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  • AKindofMagic93
    • Iron Man - Rank 1, Rank 3, Rank 5
    • Wasp - Rank 1, Rank 3, Rank 5
    • Loki - Rank 1, Rank 3, Rank 5
    • Black Widow - Rank 1, Rank 3, Rank 5
    • Falcon - Rank 1, Rank 3, Rank 5
    • Enchantress - Rank 1, Rank 3
    • Ms. Marvel - Rank 1, Rank 3
    • Ant-Man - Rank 1
    • Mockingbird - Rank 1, Rank 3
    • Thor - Rank 1, Rank 3, Rank 5
    • Hawkeye - Rank 1, Rank 3, Rank 5
    • Crimson Dynamo - Rank 1, Rank 3, Rank 5
    • Peggy Carter - Rank 1, Rank 3
    • Phil Coulson - Rank 1, Rank 3, Rank 5
    • Quake - Rank 1, Rank 3, Rank 5
    • Vision - Rank 1, Rank 3, Rank 5
    • War Machine - Rank 1, Rank 3, Rank 5
    • Spider-Woman - Rank 1, Rank 3, Rank 5
    • Nebula - Rank 1, Rank 5
    • Pepper Potts - Rank 1, Rank 3, Rank 5
    • Red Hulk - Rank 1, Rank 3, Rank 5
    • Black Panther - Rank 1, Rank 3, Rank 5
    • Wonder Man - Rank 1, Rank 3, Rank 5
    • Rocket Raccoon - Rank 1, Rank 3
    • D…
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  • AKindofMagic93

    Hero Quests:

    • Nebula (current quest Star-Crossed Haters, Pt.2)
    • Wonder Man (Action Hero, Pt. 1)
    • Agent 13 (Spy Detector, Pt. 2)
    • Madame Hydra (Always Dominate, Pt. 2)
    • Spider-Man 2099 (One Thing At a Time, Pt. 2)
    • Captain America Falcon (All-New Captain America!, Pt. 2)
    • Phil Coulson (Basic Training, Pt. 3)
    • Ghost Rider (Speed Demon, Pt. 1)
    • Sif (A Whole New World, Pt. 2)
    • Hulkling (War of Stars, pt. 2)
    • Moon Girl (Extracurricular Activities, pt. 2)
    • Devil Dinosaur (Big Dino on Campus!, pt. 1)
    • J.A.R.V.I.S. (Get Smart, pt. 2)
    • Nick Fury (Nicholas Fury's Day Off, pt. 2)
    • Nova (Size Matters, pt. 2)
    • Groot (We are Groot!, Pt. 2)
    • Drax the Destroyer (Relentless, Pt. 1)
    • Mantis (Power Of Positivity pt. 1)
    • Yondu (Meet the Locals Pt. 2)
    • Medieval Spider-Woman (Go Medieval! Pt. 1)
    • Agent…
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  • AKindofMagic93


    • The Asgardian Forge Stage 3 - 65,000
    • The Power Gym Stage 3 - 23,648
    • Odin's Hall of Knowledge - 197 shards
    • The Big Cheese on Campus - 475 shards
    • Mystic Building Level 6
    • Cosmic Building Level 6
    • Science Building Level 6
    • Physical Building Level 6


    • Earth's Mightiest Weapons - 700 shards
    • S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Stage of Rock - 100 shards
    • Test Flight Lab - 100 shards
    • Tony Stark's Ride - 100 shards
    • Cap's Motorcycle - 50 shards
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  • AKindofMagic93

    Just some things I want to achieve in my Academy before the game closes down.

    Rank 5:

    • Currently Rank 2: Hope van Dyne / Killmonger / Nova / Moon Girl / Orrgo / Hercules / Sif / Frigga / Spider-Man 2099 / Drax the Destroyer / Stick / The Collector / Thor Noir / Skaar / Beta Ray Bill / White Tiger
    • Currently Rank 3: Taskmaster / Ghost / Captain America / Amadeus Cho / Ghost Rider / Hogun / Ms. Marvel / Shuri / Nebula / Valkyrie / Yellowjacket / Spider-Gwen / Spider-Man / Ant-Man / Star-Lord / Maria Hill / Mantis / Leader / Mordo / Kate Bishop / Jasper Sitwell / J.A.R.V.I.S. / Ironheart / Rocket Raccoon / Groot / Green Goblin / Gamora / Spider-Girl / Elsa Bloodstone / Dum-Dum Dugan / Dracula / Doctor Voodoo / Doctor Octopus / Claire Temple / Triton…
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  • LikeablePerson

    Game is ending. :(

    December 24, 2018 by LikeablePerson

    So some of you may have already heard, but if not, the game is going offline in February. And as I recall, goes off the AppStore in January. I’m personally really saddened by the news, I’ve been playing the game for a year now and have loved it incredibly. Sorry this blog is so short, just letting everyone know in case you didn’t know yet. How does everyone feel about this heartbreaking news?

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  • Cap10AmeriKen

    As a huge fan of Throg and the other pet Avengers, especially as they are in the Academy, I am curious as to when they will return. Will history repeat itself, and will they return for Christmas? Or could they return elsewhere?

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  • LukeDenielle

    AVENGERS ACADEMY is gonna ba a whole different game... I think the old one is better though.

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  • LukeDenielle

    I'll start with the Black Panther Event which will start this Febuary.

    A new character was rumored. Her name was Voyager, it has a concept of being a person who is there in the game early but was forgotten by everyone.

    The Infinity Wasr event, will be released on May/June. I dont know about you guys but Infinity War is a really big event for Marvel which might be our first Event which exists for two months.

    Now my question is, What are your guesses for future events?

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  • Techout

    Newscaster Supreme

    January 26, 2018 by Techout

    Inayth2014 did not make the Newscaster Supreme page I did if he claims that he made it he is lying just look at the complete history of the wiki it is MY PAGE

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  • Inayath2014

    The next event seems to be an event based on minions and other original characters to the game! The Voice casting is now live and those who wish to be a part of the game can go lend their voices for the characters on Here are the links:

    • Iron Legion Robot
    • Newscaster Supreme
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  • Roberta1987

    Useful Buildings

    October 11, 2017 by Roberta1987

    Hello everybody.

    I was wondering if there was a list of the buildings that came with the various events and if they continue to be useful after the events are over. I noticed that some of them turn into decorations but some can still be used for some actions and given the fact that I've got a lot of them in storage but not that much space to place them I wanted to know if there was a way to know if they're still useful.

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  • Matthew.p.chen

    To Do List

    August 17, 2017 by Matthew.p.chen

    I know people have already made lists already but this is going to be helpful for me when I look through the game files for images.

    To Do List:

    • Iron Man
      • Reorder Actions in time order, then alphabetical order
      • Add Original Iron Man Related Quest
      • Name Images in Gallery
    • Wasp
      • Reorder Actions in time order, then alphabetical order
      • Add Archer Wasp Related Quest
    • Loki
      • Icons for some Immortal Sorcerer Loki actions
      • Get Ultimate Power!; Avengers Park Action Area
      • Ride the Serpent!; Quad Action Area
      • Reorder Actions in time order, then alphabetical order
    • Black Widow
      • Rank 2 Mission
      • Set a Trap Action Icon
      • Reorder Actions in time order, then alphabetical order
      • Add Cutting Edge Widow Related Quest
      • Add Festive Black Widow Related Quest
      • Add Outfit Unlocked! Symbiote Black Widow …

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  • Hectorvonjekyllhyde

    Recently, I have found out that some of the characters', like Mysterio, Leader, Lil' Groot, etc., voice actors are from I've signed up for that a while ago and I'm still waiting to get a job! Can anyone tell me how I can get a job to lend my voice to a character?

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  • Gerrard27

    Future Character

    July 4, 2017 by Gerrard27

    Asgardian: Fanfral, Heimdall, Hogun, Valkyrie, Volstagg

    Spider-Army: Spyder-Knight, Spider-UK, Spider-Girl (Mayday), Spider-Man Noir, and more

    Sinister Six: Beetle, Hobgoblin, Kraven the Hunter, Sandman, Shocker, Rhino, Vulture

    Symbiotes: Anti-Venom, Scream, Hybrid, and more

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  • Inayath2014

    Star-Lord and Drax are written to be the same as their comic counterparts in their respective pages, but the in-game dialogue confirms that they are the same as their MCU counterparts.

    Star-Lord calls Ego his Biological Father in the GotG V2 Event, therefore making him a "Human/Celestial Hybrid" like the MCU version. Also, his father is written as "J'son" in his Star-Lord's page, but it should be "Ego the Living Planet".

    Drax states that his homeworld was destroyed because their government couldn't stop Ronan (or something similar, I can't remember the exact lines) in both the GotG Events, therefore making him like the MCU version. I did a quick search but couldn't find anything solid on his species/origin.

    Should I make the necessary changes…

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  • Cris1602

    i need help

    June 9, 2017 by Cris1602

    I'm on level 37, but it happens that I can not go any further, I've run out of mainstream missions of history, is this game updating and starting new missions?

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  • Pennydrdful

    To Do List

    May 2, 2017 by Pennydrdful

    To Do List

    - The Ancient One: Fix appearance descriptions, add PNG version of Rank 5

    - Zabu: Find better version of campus arrival screenshot

    - Sif: Update Action table, find new Rank 3 screenshot, add Missions to Upgrade tables

    - Lucky: Add rank titles, add Rank 5 and Ranks screenshot, add action rank 5 icons

    - Iron Fist: Fix Upgrades table, add dialogue to upgrade quests

    - Moon Knight: Add rank 5 action icons, add missions to upgrade table, add dialogue to upgrade quests

    - Electro: Add soundbites and action icons

    - Mockingbird: Add rank 5 screenshot, add PNG version of Ranks screenshot

    - Jack O'Lantern: Add soundbites and appearance

    - Mordo: Update Action table, add Rank 5 title and cost, add appearance

    - Singularity: Find/add Rank 3 screenshot, add Get Hea…

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  • Blitz0248

    There will be new characters from Marvel Universe that will be coming out real soon in the future event, right after the Ultron Event. 

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  • Alae aaboud

    hello everyone my name is alae aaboud i'm 23 years old 

    So , i have got an idea to make like a small episodes of the avengers academy like the trailer and i wanna to see your opinion about that blog and if anyone of you knew some apps to make like this idea  

    i am waiting your answers as soon as possible 

    see ya! 

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  • Vatraxelas

    Actions need to do list

    November 25, 2016 by Vatraxelas

    The List is updated until the A-Forse Return event (Taskmaster, War Machine, Ms. Marvel, Yondu, Drax, Agent 13, M.O.D.O.K., Rocket Racoon,  Crossbones, Madame Hydra, Sif, Captain Britain, Union Jack, Maria Hill,Green Goblin, Black Knight and Mocking Bird are ok until 2/1/18)

    1. General
      1. The Daily bugle building has the Balcony,  the Roof and Outside areas, but the building page has only tthe balcony and the outside areas if someone can tell which one is it will be fantastic
      2. Avengers Park needs to specify the areas that they heroes use
      3. Quad needs to specify the areas that they heroes use
      4. Avengers Hall needs to spesify the areas that he heroes use
      5. Area 13 Laboraties needs to specif the area that the heroes use
      6. Ice Palce needs to specify the areas that …

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  • Aloualae21

    Alas's life

    November 22, 2016 by Aloualae21

    HELLOOOO! my name is alae aaboud i'm 20 years old i'm from morroco exactly at tangier 

    so, as you know i'm a new user of the avengers academy wiki .THis is my 1st blog that i post it i loved 

    the avengers  when i was 9 years but atbrhis tme they isn't a game like this amazing so i hope that

    you like me and see you soon ..... 😘

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  • Thescyfychannel

    Computer Issues

    October 27, 2016 by Thescyfychannel

    Sorry for the extended absence! I've been having some trouble with my laptop—mainly that it wouldn't stay on unless it was plugged in—and it's been in for repairs for a while. I'll try to check in every day from now on, but it will depend on how busy my degree keeps me. Feel free to leave a ping on my wall if you're having trouble with something!

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  • Elsorbete 777

    New Templates

    October 15, 2016 by Elsorbete 777

    I build Character Actions and Quest Actions templates to help the community edit faster.

    I could help building other templates as needed

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  • Vatraxelas

    Hello guys I am working the Actions page And I need some things to be confirmed since I can not do so. If you can have a screenshot is much appreciated. Also fine is a link from a video or picture in the web. On the other hand if you don't have any proof just posted it here and if someone else confirmed the same thing it's ok. My List is sort but it's still work in progress so some things will be added to the future. Also if you find some action that is missing from a building or a hero you can also added her and I will check it in time

    The things I need to be checked until now is:

    • The Icon in many actions is missing, most of the heroes have the same general action icon as the rest of them. So IF you can confirmed that is the same with th…
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  • RedneRage

    Halloween event

    October 10, 2016 by RedneRage

    Has anyone maxed out ghost rider and if so can you tell me as I want to upgrade him in one go

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  • Elbee97

    This is my blog

    October 8, 2016 by Elbee97


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  • Xxdiamondzfan2xx

    I'm back.

    October 2, 2016 by Xxdiamondzfan2xx

    Hello, everyone. All these new editors might not know who I am, but I was one of the first editors on this wikia. I'm back from my break, everyone. My personal life has been rough but I'm better now. Basically, I'll be edting a lot more... 

    Also, what happened to the mods? And when did Ohuaithnin get promoted?

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  • Minegolem

    um what is Cezy004 doing?

    September 26, 2016 by Minegolem

    Why are they creating pages that have no place on the wiki (as far as i know)

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  • Wild Ludicolo

    Work-In Progress Title

    September 17, 2016 by Wild Ludicolo

    I honestly have no idea how to make a blog, i am just doing this for a medal.

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  • Minegolem

    should we have a category for caged villans

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  • Minegolem

    isPepper part of sheild

    August 12, 2016 by Minegolem

    Pepper is in the Sheild category and im not sure she is part of sheild

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  • Minegolem

    Should j jonah jameson have a character page as he is in game dialogs

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  • Etudehouse

    Hey, I saw Star-Lord'a actions have icons, I think it's pretty cool. So I tried to edit some other characters but somehow can't change size of action icon. Help? How do you do it?

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  • Minegolem


    July 22, 2016 by Minegolem

    Why have the profile pics changed i thought it was ment to be them arriving at the academy.i do like it beter the new way tho

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  • Silver4Raven


    July 3, 2016 by Silver4Raven



    Agents of Shield- Hive, Lash, Agent Coulson, Daniel Whitehall, Gideon Mallick, Leopold Fitz, Jemma Simmons, Blizzard 

    Avengers- Hawkeye, Nick Fury

    Villains- The Leader, Thanos, Ronan the Accuser, Red Skull, Chitauri

    Fantastic Four, Nick Fury's Howling Commando's, X-Force

    Cosmic- Silver Surfer

    Outfits- Cosmic Hulk, World War Hulk, The Captain, Colonel America (Zombie), Nomad 

    Alpha Flight- Guardian, Sasquatch, Major Mapleleaf, Yukotujakzurjimozoata, Goblyn, 




    Characters- Red Hulk, A-Bomb, Gamora, Drax, Starlord, 89P13, Groot, Crossbones, Winter Soldier, Madame Hydra, Spider-Woman, Agent-13, 

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  • Minegolem

    Character pics

    June 19, 2016 by Minegolem

    I find it a bit odd that all the playable characters have different main pictures on their pages for example black knights pic is him arriving at avengers academy and lokis is his year book photo. I feel that all (playable) characters should have their main pic be their in-game icon.

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  • Minegolem

    Can someone please add the Event Antagonists catgory to the Characters Category thx

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  • EnragedRabbit


    May 24, 2016 by EnragedRabbit

    Anyone knows a way to get rid of low LvL Recuits (Cap or IM) to replace them for stronger ones if they can`t fight anymore because their LvL is to low

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  • Matthew.p.chen

    Fearing that the Hulk is too dangerous, Fury tries to recruit the Red King to calm the Hulk down. The Red King turns against the Academy, and the students have to fight.

    • Elloe Kaif
    • Gladiator Hulk Costume
    • Hiroim (Premium)

    • Doc Samson
    • Sentry

    • Valkryie

    Maximus has mind-controlled the rest of the Royal Family and plans to attack Avengers Academy before he takes over the rest of the world. Maximus brings an army of Inhumans to take over Avengers Academy.

    • Crystal
    • Gorgon (Premium)

    • Karnak
    • Triton (Premium)

    • Medusa

    • Black Bolt
    • Lockjaw (Grand Prize)
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  • SomebodySpecial


    ...even if I don't actually have Captain America yet. Or even the SHIELD zone. I'm glad it let me start the event and I got to see Cap even if he's technically not supposed to be at the academy.

    So I haven't playing AA for a couple of days (AP testing... gross) and I got this lovely notification today (click read more):

    I wonder if there are others like it? 

    Well, it's not too important.

    What's important is that because I haven't been playing, I'm now even further behind. And I need to catch up. 

    For starters, it'd be great if I could unlock Cap.

    (On a more useful note, I do have SHIELD zone stuff and will upload soon-ish. But I'll obvs be behind on everything Civil War, so I'm definitely sitting back and watching everyo…

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  • Xxdiamondzfan2xx

    The Reddit...

    April 18, 2016 by Xxdiamondzfan2xx

    It got nuked! R.I.P AA Reddit.. anyone think of starting a new one?

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  • Minegolem


    April 12, 2016 by Minegolem

    I have to appologyse for not posting recently i have been super busy but i hope to get back to posting regularly

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  • Xxdiamondzfan2xx

    To-Do List

    April 9, 2016 by Xxdiamondzfan2xx

    Need to Do:

    Get Pictures for Electro and Spider-Man 2099

    Update the Spider-Man Event Page with new info

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  • ZepysGirl

    To-Do List

    April 8, 2016 by ZepysGirl

    I just figured it'd be good to have a list of this stuff somewhere other than my head.

    • Make all character Action sections look like Iron Man's. Thanks everyone!
    • Get the +1.3k+1.9k (;_;) screenshots off my goddamn phone and onto the wiki.
      • For that matter, upload the pictures I've ALREADY got on my computer that haven't made it to the wiki yet.
    • Go through datamining threads/wiki on Reddit, make sure our pages are up to date.
    • Create Quad page. Thanks scy!
    • Create pages for...items? (do I want to do this to myself? no. will I? ...most likely.) Started! The Decorations pages are getting added slowly, but we're still missing a lot from past Events/the normal Decor items.
    • Create redirect pages for all of the characters based off their civilian names DONE!
      • Rela…
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  • Minegolem


    March 30, 2016 by Minegolem

    Have you guys ever considered making custom achievements regarding avengers academy.

    If you don't know how here's a page

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  • Minegolem

    What did I just find.

    March 30, 2016 by Minegolem

    So i was looking on the Avengers Academy twitter for new news and I found this in a comment.

    I can't tell if it's fake but I need more info heres alink to the tweet.

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  • Minegolem

    Pepper Quests

    March 28, 2016 by Minegolem

    I found a mistake the mission page for pepper potts isn't in the a catagory also theres two.

    Pepper Potts Mission

    Pepper Potts Quest

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  • Thescyfychannel

    Still Planning!

    March 24, 2016 by Thescyfychannel

    Actually I should've titled this "castles in the sky", but I AM going to try and keep a record of what needs doing.

    • New Logo (obviously)
    • Customized achievement badges!
      • Character's action icons
      • Leading up to character's faces for gold tier
    • Sprucing up the front page
      • Eventual goal might be a scrolling reel of newest updates?
    • Building our own templates
      • Definitely need a skills section
      • Possibly also "affiliation" and "attained through"?
    • Turn every character's action set into a table
      • With action icon next to it
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