"King of the Inhumans.  Quasi-Sonic Voice.  The Strong, Silent Type."

—Black Bolt

King of the Inhumans, Black Bolt, civilian name Blackagar Boltagon, was first introduced as an antagonist, fighting for Maximus the Mad. He could later be recruited to your academy after his defeat during the Inhumans Event. His Recruitment Quest is Get Black Bolt! His Mission Board Quests can be found here.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Each time Black Bolt is upgraded, his Power Level increases.

Combat Attributes[edit | edit source]

Skills Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6
Basic Attack Royal Prerogative 100% basic attack damage +7% damage +9% +11% +13% +15%
Special Attack Careful Whisper +150% damage on single enemy and 14% evasion debuff to front row enemies for 3 turns. Replaces every 3rd basic attack. +8% damage & -1% evasion +15% & -2% +23% & -5% +38% & -8% +60% & -13%
Ultimate 1 Howl +150% damage to a single enemy plus 105% damage to front row enemies. +8% damage & +5% AOE +15% & +11% +23% & +16% +38% & +26% +60% & +42%
Passive Inhuman Physiology +20% HP buff to self. +2% HP +4% +8% +12% +20%
Ultimate 2 King's Command +146% damage to front row enemies and 32% accuracy debuff to back row enemies for 1 turn. +15% attack & -6% accuracy +30% & -9% +51% & -18% +88% & -31% +117% & -47%

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Black Bolt's Rank 1 appearance is a black jacket with white lightning bolt designs over a black shirt, pants, and shoes, with a white scarf. He wears black sunglasses.

Black Bolt's Rank 3 appearance is a short black coat with white lightning bolt designs, black pants, and black boots. He wears a domino mask.

Black Bolt's Rank 5 appearance is a black bodysuit with white accents, shoulder armor, a white belt, gauntlets, and black boots.

Story[edit | edit source]

Character Relationships[edit | edit source]

Maximus[edit | edit source]

Maximus brainwashed Black Bolt into obeying him. He then took over Black Bolt's throne and made him fight the Avengers Academy.

Medusa[edit | edit source]

Medusa married Black Bolt for his sense of humor.

Soundbites[edit | edit source]

Black Bolt is voiced by ?

  • "Shhhhhhh."

Actions[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Time Location Rank Notes
Action Be the King.png
Be the King 3h Throne 1 Requires Medusa
Action Communicate.png
Communicate 4h Club A (dance floor) 1
Mar action talk to Jarvis large v2@4x.png
Detect Threats to Inhumanity 4h Stark Tower (J.A.R.V.I.S.) 2
Mar action night out v3@4x.png
Find Xerogen 5h The Quinjet Hangar 5
Mar action use stark initiative large v2@4x.png
Join Illuminati 2h Stark Tower (Stark Initiative) 5
Mar action make a scene large v2@4x.png
Keep it Quiet 3h Club A (bar) 2
Mar action study large v2@4x.png
Read Inhuman Lore 1h The Timeless Archives (inside) 4
Action Speak Up.png
Speak Up 4h The Robo Dojo 2
Mar action lab get physical.png
Test Your Resolve 2h Pym's Lab (tesla coil) 3
Mar action falcon punch- large v2@4x.png
Use Nonverbal Communication 2h Avengers Dorm (punching bag) 4
Mar action use computer large v2@4x.png
Watch Silent Films 30m Timeless Archives (computer) 3
Mar action search for clues v3@4x.png
Conceal Don't Feel 1h Avengers Dorm (right chair) 1

Outfits[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Black Bolt's action "Conceal Don't Feel" is a reference to the Disney animated movie Frozen.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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