Better Late Than Never, pt. 1

Better Late Than Never, pt. 1 is an Event Quest and part of the Ultron Revolution Special Event. It is the Introductory Quest for Hawkeye.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Hawkeye Rest Your Eyes 4h Hawkeye's Apartment (couch)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Kate Bishop: It took you long enough.
Hawkeye: I'm gonna get a shirt made that says, "Better Late Than Never," with a caricature of me shrugging my shoulders. It'll save everyone a lot of time.
Kate Bishop: We should be spending our time practicing. This place is a villainous invasion magnet.
Hawkeye: You're right. Let me just grab something from my apartment...
Kate Bishop: Really?
Hawkeye: It's not my fault that the couch somebody left on the corner is so comfortable.
Kate Bishop: You do whatever you want. I'm gonna keep training.
Hawkeye: I'm gonna keep training too.
Kate Bishop: Shooting arrows at random things doesn't count as training.
Hawkeye: I have a unique way of learning.
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