Beach Party!, Pt. 3 is an Event Quest. It is part of the limited-time Sun, Surf, and Mischief! event.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Wasp Vent 1hr The Blasting Range (firing points)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Enchantress: Well, well, well. The joy I get from having to see less of your horrible clothes is offset by the agony of having to see more of your skin.
Tropical Wasp: Do you want to go to a beach party?
Enchantress: Did the boys tire of staring at an overgrown insect, and demand a true goddess?
Tropical Wasp: I can't do it! I'll party by myself! I'm going to the Blasting Range before I melt that makeup off your face!
Tropical Wasp: I'm bummed that nobody but Tony wants to party at the beach...
Loki: It is unfortunate, but you two will suffice.
Tropical Wasp: What's that supposed to mean?
Loki: I've learned that you should never let anyone ruin your fun. And you should always make the best of a bad situation...
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