Beach Break, pt. 1

Beach Break, pt. 1 is an Event Quest and part of the Ant-Man and The Wasp Event.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Falcon Swing the Wings 15m The Robo Dojo

Quest Dialogue Edit

Infinite Falcon: I can't stop thinking about Hope van Dyne.
Redwing: Caw!
Infinite Falcon: I don't know, Redwing. There's just something about her...
Redwing: Caw caw!
Infinite Falcon: I am not all moony over her! Come on! I just like her, man.
Redwing: Squawk!!!
Infinite Falcon: Yes, I'll talk to her when I see her. Now can we go flying or something, please? Or do anything else but this? You're kinda gettin' up in my business!
Ant-Man: There you are, Sam! I've been looking for you everywhere! We're about to leave for the beach!
Infinite Falcon: Oh, I totally forgot about the beach day. I just needed some time to myself.
Ant-Man: What?! Who forgets the beach?
Redwing: Caw caw caw!
Ant-Man: No way, really?!? Uh oh, Sam's got a cruuuush!
Infinite Falcon: What?! How did you...? What did you...? You can't understand him!
Ant-Man: Nope, I can't. But I can read you like a book, buddy. Come on, let's go to the beach. You can tell me all about her on the way.
Infinite Falcon: Not in a million years, Scott.
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