Avengers Park is a Building. It was released when the British Invasion Event went live, although it not is tied to the event. It is a park where students can relax. The pathways wrapped around the fountain and reaching out to either end of the building can be connected to the main Academy pathways.

The Avengers Park takes up 6 x 6 (36) plots.

Requirements Edit

  • Unlocks at: Level 6
  • Quest: None
  • Cost: 100 Credits
  • Time: 20m
  • New Action Areas: Fountain, Front, Tree, Right Bench, Left Bench

Action Areas Edit

The Avengers Park has a surprising number of action areas, potentially more than any other building and it is sometimes confusing on where an action is supposed to take place in the park. It has no up-grades, so all areas are available as soon as it is built. It is used by a wide variety of characters from across multiple events. Actions for non-event characters require an outfit.

  • Center - the center area of the park. One character at a time.
  • Front - the front area of the park.
  • Front Left - the front left area of the park.
  • Fountain - the fountain in the back area of the park. One character at a time.
  • Left - the area left of the fountain
  • Left Bench - the left bench area of the park.
  • Right Bench - the right bench area of the park.
  • Tree - the tall tree to the right of the fountain.

Interactions Edit

Adam Warlock Edit

  • Emerge Renewed - 4h, Tree

America Chavez Edit

  • Eat In Peace - 8h, Right Bench

Black Panther Edit

  • Hold Court - 5m (Requires Wakandan Black Panther outfit)

Black Widow Edit

  • Set a Trap - 2h, Left Bench (Requires Monster Hunter Widow outfit)
  • Induce Insanity - 8h, Left Bench (Requires Cthulhu Black Widow outfit & a male student)

Captain America Edit

  • Support the Troops - 30m (Requires Commander Captain America outfit)
  • Fetch! - 6h, Left (Requires Cap-Wolf outfit)

Captain Britain Edit

  • Wield Excalibur! - 2h, Fountain

Daredevil Edit

  • Lunch Break - 1h, Right Bench

Doctor Voodoo Edit

  • Read the Bones - 4h, Front
  • Play With Dolls - 4h, Front (Requires Wasp)

Dracula Edit

  • Carpe Jugular! - 2h, Right Bench (Requires a female student)

Elektra Edit

  • Off With Their Heads - 1h 45m, Fountain

Enchantress Edit

  • Be Irresistible - 4h, Tree (Requires Supreme Enchantress outfit & a male student)
  • Draw Them In - 4h, Left Bench (Requires Iron Enchantress outfit)

Falcon Edit

  • Enter the Falcon - 2h, Center (Requires Kung-Fu Falcon outfit)
  • Get Happy Feet! - 4h, Fountain (Requires Penguin Falcon outfit)

Hellcat Edit

  • Do Acrobatics - 45m, Center

Hulk Edit

  • Slow Your Roll - 2h, Fountain (Requires Joe Fixit Hulk outfit)

Iron Fist Edit

  • Master Weapons - 2h, Center

Iron Lad Edit

  • Use Growth Pollen - 3h 30m, Front

Iron Man Edit

  • None Shall Pass - 1h 30m, Fountain (Requires Tech Wizard Iron Man outfit)
  • Iron Man vs. Iron Man! - 2h, Center (Requires Original Iron Man outfit)

Leader Edit

  • Heavy Thinking - 4h, Front

Loki Edit

  • Prove You're Worthy! - 1h 30m, Front (Requires Thunder Loki outfit)
  • Set Your Trap - 2h, Tree (Requires Big Game Hunter outfit)
  • Get Ultimate Power! - 3h (Requires Immortal Sorcerer Loki outfit)
  • Think Inside the Box - 6h (Requires Cat Loki outfit)

Luke Cage Edit

  • Play Ball - 1h 30m, Fountain

Miles Morales Edit

  • Take a Break - 1h, Fountain
  • Test Venom Blast - 1h, Front

Misty Knight Edit

  • Let it Go! - 3m 20s, Fountain

Moon Knight Edit

  • Test Boomerangs! - 2h, Front
  • Patrol The Skies - 6h, Front

Mordo Edit

  • Use Your Talents! - 3m, Fountain
  • Contact the Dead! - 4m, Front

Nico Minoru Edit

  • Repeat Yourself - 2h

Peggy Carter Edit

  • Compare Spy Gear - 1h 30m, Front (Requires Black Widow)
  • Take Flight - 2h (Requires Agent Peggy Carter outfit)

Pepper Potts Edit

  • Fire and Ice - 1m (Requires Arctic Armor outfit)

Satana Edit

  • Play With Fire - 6h, Tree

Singularity Edit

  • Play! - 5h, Front

Thane Edit

  • Balance Life and Death - 2h, Tree

Thor Edit

  • Hurl The Pig's Skin! - 1m, Front (Requires Loki)

Thor (Jane Foster) Edit

  • Prove You're Worthy! - 5h, Left Bench (Requires another female student)
  • Show Some Heart! - 5h, Front (Requires a male student)

Vampire by Night Edit

  • Fight Other Monsters, 5h, Left Bench

Wasp Edit

  • Cheer the Crowds - 5h, Front Left (Requires Archer Wasp outfit)
  • Go Hunting! - 2h, Tree (Requires Monster Catcher Wasp outfit)

Trivia Edit

  • Squirrel Girl's Tippy Toe and friends appear when using America Chavez's Eat In Peace, Enchantress's Be Irresistible, Misty Knight's Let It Go, or Thane's Balance Life and Death.

Gallery Edit

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