Avengers Hall is a Building located at the top of the Quad. It is available at Level 1. This building seems to be heavily associated with Nick Fury, and no characters have an action inside it—although many take place on top of it, and some include attempting to get inside.

Requirements Edit


Action Areas Edit

Avengers Hall has a few action areas.

  • Back - the area behind Avengers Hall.
  • Door - the front door of Avengers Hall. One character allowed at a time.
  • Outside - the front part of the Avengers Hall. Currently this location is unique to Hellcat and Satana. One Character allowed at a time.
  • Roof - the roof of Avengers Hall. One character allowed at a time.
  • Side of Building - the area at the stairset at the side of the building. Currently this location is unique to Falcon.

Interactions Edit

Avengers Hall interactions often include starting points in the Quad, and some of them include significant interaction with the Quad.

Agent 13 Edit

  • Break and Enter - 30m, Door

Black Cat Edit

  • Drop in Unannounced - 30m, Roof
  • Walk the Line - 30m, Roof

Doctor Strange Edit

  • Astral Escape - 3m 20s, Door

Enchantress Edit

  • Create a Monster - 4h, Outside (Requires Supreme Enchantress outfit)

Falcon Edit

  • We, Robots - 30m, Side of Building (Requires RoboFalcon outfit)

Hellcat Edit

  • Get an Interview - 2h 30m, Outside

Lockjaw Edit

  • Mark Your Territory - 4h, Door

Medusa Edit

  • Whip Your Hair - 2h, Back

Mockingbird Edit

  • Infiltrate Avengers Hall - 3m 20s, Roof

Nebula Edit

  • Make Your Mark - 30m, Roof

Pepper Potts Edit

  • Evaluate Recruits - 8h, Roof

Phil Coulson Edit

  • Secret Handshake - 1h, Door

Satana Edit

  • Steal Souls - 3m 20s, Outside

Spider-Man Edit

  • Get a Good Shot - 30m, Roof
  • Sling Some Webs - 30m, Roof

Spider-Woman Edit

  • Pick Pockets - 1m (Requires Rogue Spider-Woman outfit)
  • Spider Glide - 30m, Roof

The Hood Edit

  • Strike It Rich - 3h, Door

Wasp Edit

  • Do Some Damage - 3h, Roof (Requires Iron Wasp outfit)

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