Avengers Dorm is a Building. It is available at Level 1/Tutorial, it is already built when you begin the game. It's a two-story structure with many places for students to hang out outside. There are chairs out front, a seating area on the second floor landing, and a punching bag on the roof. The Avengers Dorm takes up 4 x 4 plots (16).

Requirements Edit

  • Stage 1 - Stage 1 of Avengers Dorm is the basic layout.
    • Unlocks at: Level 1/Tutorial
    • Quest: N/A
    • Cost: N/A
    • Time: N/A
    • New Action Areas: Inside, Left Chair, Punching Bag, Right Chair
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
    • Unlocks at: Level 19
    • Quest: Time To Get Ill
    • Cost: 3,902 Credits
    • Time: 20h
    • New Action Areas: N/A

Action Areas Edit

As you upgrade Avengers Dorm, you add to the available actions characters can do at the building.

  • Door - the area right outside the door. Currently this action area is unique to She-Hulk. One character allowed at a time.
  • Inside - the character goes into building. A light shines from inside to indicate it is in use. No limit on characters.
  • Left Chair - the chair/sofa to the left as you face the building. Characters sit in the chair. One character allowed at a time.
  • Outside - the area around the outside of the Dorm. One character allowed at a time.
  • Punching Bag  - a punching bag on the roof. Characters punch the bag for the duration of their action. One character allowed at a time.
  • Right Chair  - the chair/sofa to the right as you face the building. Characters sit in the chair. One character allowed at a time.
  • Roof - the area at the top of the building near the punching bag. Currently this action area is unique to Voyager
  • Yellow Chair  - the yellow chair on the second floor. Multiple characters can use this at the same time.

Interactions Edit

Avengers Dorm allows various interactions for many characters.

Agent 13 Edit

  • Plan Something Extreme - 4h, Right Chair
  • Practice Kickboxing - 6h, Punching Bag

Amadeus Cho Edit

  • Be The Strongest - ???, Punching Bag

America Chavez Edit

  • Solve Problems - 15m, Punching Bag
  • Remember Utopia - 45m, Right Chair

Angela Edit

  • Prepare For Battle - 45m, Right Chair
  • Replenish Supplies - 2h, Inside

Auran Edit

  • Keep it Down! - 4h, Yellow Chair

Black Cat Edit

  • Plot a Heist - 4h, Right Chair

Black Knight Edit

  • Question Your Sanity - 5m, Right Chair
  • Engage in Fisticuffs - 6h, Punching Bag

Black Panther Edit

  • Observe Your Surroundings - 4h, Right Chair

Black Widow Edit

  • Solve The Mystery - 2h, Right Chair

Captain America Edit

  • Hit The Heavy Bag - 15m, Punching Bag
  • Represent America - 15m, Punching Bag (Requires WWII Captain America outfit)

Captain Britain Edit

  • Punch Heard Round the World - 15m, Punching Bag
  • Consider Merlyn's Magic - 4h, Right Chair

Captain Marvel Edit

  • Enjoy Your Break - 1h, Punching Bag
  • Make Tough Calls - 2h, Right Chair

Claire Temple Edit

  • Teach Self-Defense, 2h, Yellow Chair (Requires one other student)

Crimson Dynamo Edit

  • Contemplate Tony - 1h, Right Chair
  • Inflict Damage - 4h

Crossbones Edit

  • Identify Targets - 4h, Right Chair
  • Punch Something - 6h, Punching Bag

Daredevil Edit

  • Box Like Dad - 2h, Punching Bag
  • Study the Proceedings - 6h, Right Chair

Doctor Strange Edit

  • Stew in One's Own Juice - 5m, Punching Bag
  • Recall Spells - 4h, Right Chair

Doctor Octopus Edit

  • Appreciate Your Greatness - 4h, Right Chair

Doctor Voodoo Edit

  • Punch for Two - 1m, Punching Bag
  • Contact Your Brother - 25m, Right Chair

Dracula Edit

  • Sleep With Your Eyes Open! - 2m, Right Chair

Drax the Destroyer Edit

  • Punch This Bag - 15m, Punching Bag
  • Plot Your Revenge - 4h, Right Chair

Electro Edit

  • Try to Sit Still! - 4h, Right Chair

Elektra Edit

  • Practice Pressure Points - 15m, Punching Bag
  • Discern Targets - 5h, Right chair

Elsa Bloodstone Edit

  • Swear in Silence - 1h, Right Chair
  • Take Inventory - 2h, Left Chair
  • Monster Punch! - 2h, Punching Bag

Falcon Edit

  • Falcon Punch - 30m, Punching Bag

Frigga Edit

  • Look Ahead - 1h, Right Chair

Gamora Edit

  • Hone Deathblows - 15m, Punching Bag
  • Brood - 2h, Right Chair

Ghost Rider Edit

  • Ignore Demonic Influence! - 2h, Right Chair
  • Distract Yourself! - ???, Punching Bag
  • Play Racing Games! - ???, Inside

Green Goblin Edit

  • Practice Combos - 15m, Punching Bag
  • Plan for Halloween - 4h, Right Chair

Hairball Edit

  • Observe Your Kingdom - 1h, Right Chair

Hank Pym Edit

  • That's Thinking! - 1h, Right Chair

Hawkeye Edit

  • Catch a Ride - 2h, Outside
  • Sulk - 4h, Right Chair

Hellcat Edit

  • Practice Kicking Butt - 15m, Punching Bag
  • Avoid the Press - 3h, Inside

Hercules Edit

  • Hold Back! - ???, Punching Bag

Hulk Edit

  • TAKE TIME FOR HULK! - 1h 30m, Punching Bag

Hulkling Edit

  • Think About Aliens - 1h, Right Chair
  • Don't Get Angry - 2h, Punching Bag
  • Keep Punching - 2h, Punching Bag

Iron Fist Edit

  • Unleash The Dragon - 2h 45m, Punching Bag
  • Focus Your Chi - 4h, Right chair
  • Consider Your Options - 4h, Right chair

Iron Man Edit

  • Tinker With Tech - 1h, Left Chair

Jessica Jones Edit

  • Punch Something - 5m, Punching Bag
  • Deal With Customers - 15m, Both Chairs (Requires one other student)
  • Hang Out With Luke - 4hr Left Chair
  • Look for Liars - 4h, Right Chair

Kate Bishop Edit

  • Work it Out - 5m, Punching Bag

Loki Edit

  • Cast Aspersions - 25m, Right Chair

Lucky Edit

  • Sit! - 45m, Right Chair

Luke Cage Edit

  • Hang With Jessica - 15m Left Chair (Requires Jessica Jones)
  • Consider Your Options - 4h, Right Chair

M.O.D.O.K. Edit

  • Calculate Probabilities - 4h, Right Chair

Madame Hydra Edit

  • Plan the New Campus Order - 4h, Right Chair
  • Strike Without Mercy - 6h, Punching Bag

Mantis Edit

  • Listen To Feelings - 5h, Right Chair

Mary Jane Edit

  • Train to Fight! - 15m, Punching Bag
  • Plan Your Career! - 30m, Right Chair

Miles Morales Edit

  • Plan Your Next Move - 4h, Right Chair
  • Practice Combat Skills - 6h, Punching Bag

Misty Knight Edit

  • Smash the Bag - 5m, Punching Bag
  • Take a Step Back - 4h, Right Chair

Mockingbird Edit

  • Stick and Move - 2h 30m, Punching Bag

Moon Girl Edit

  • Tinker with Tony's Tech - 1h, Left Chair (Requires Iron Man)
  • Daydream - 1h, Right Chair

Moon Knight Edit

  • Ponder Your Identity! - 4h, Right Chair
  • Polish Your Craft! - 6h, Punching Bag

Mordo Edit

  • Consider All Options! - 4h, Right Chair

Ms. Marvel Edit

  • Beat Some Games - 15m, Inside

Mysterio Edit

  • Test New Gloves - 6h, Punching Bag

Nebula Edit

  • Practice Punching - 15m, Punching Bag
  • Plot Your Revenge - 2h, Right Chair

Nico Minoru Edit

  • Experiment with Magic - 5m, Punching Bag
  • Live A Normal Life - 4h, Right Chair

Odin Edit

  • Odinbrood - 1h, Right Chair
  • Odinpunch - 2h, Punching Bag

Orrgo Edit

  • Rock the Bag! - 2h, Punching Bag

Peggy Carter Edit

  • Don't Compromise - 15m, Punching Bag
  • Reminisce - 6h, Right Chair

Pepper Potts Edit

  • Keep an Eye on Things - 2h, Right Chair

Phil Coulson Edit

  • Try to Punch Like Cap! - 30m, Punching Bag
  • Observe and Report - 4h, Right Chair
  • Avengers Assemble! - 6h, Punching Bag

Quake Edit

  • Work It Out - 6h, Punching Bag

Red Hulk Edit

  • Fire it Up! - 30m, Outside

Rocket Raccoon Edit

  • Hate On These Idiots - 4h, Right Chair

Satana Edit

  • Browse Potential Victims - 2h, Right Chair

She-Hulk Edit

  • Plan Your Case - 45m, Right Chair
  • Lift and Twirl - 5h, Door

Sif Edit

  • Control Your Strength - 15m, Punching Bag
  • Master Swordswomanship - 15m, Punching Bag
  • Punk the Trickster - 2h, Both Chairs (Requires Loki)

Singularity Edit

  • Think! - 45m, Right Chair
  • Hide! - 5h, Inside

Spider-Gwen Edit

  • Practice Tiger Style - 15m, Punching Bag
  • Drum Solo - 2h, Yellow Chair
  • Contemplate Alternative Universes - 4h, Right Chair

Spider-Ham Edit

  • Find Where You Fit In - 4h, Right Chair

Spider-Man Edit

  • Pretend Not to Stare - 4h, Right Chair

Spider-Man 2099 Edit

  • Reminisce About 2099 - 4h, Right Chair

Squirrel Girl Edit

  • Listen to Squirrel Info Network - 4h, Right Chair
  • Super Squirrel Strike! - 6h, Punching Bag

Star-Lord Edit

  • Do Pretty Much Nothing - 2h, Right Chair
  • Fake a Training Montage - 15m, Punching Bag

Stinger Edit

  • Stabilize Size - 5m, Right Chair

The Ancient One Edit

  • Practice Strikes - 15m, Punching Bag
  • Give Thanks - 25m, Right Chair

The Lizard Edit

  • Brainssstorm Antidotesss! - 30m, Right Chair

Thor Edit

  • Punch This Flimsy Bag! - 15m, Punching Bag

Thor (Jane Foster) Edit

  • Be Mighty! - 5m, Punching Bag

Union Jack Edit

  • Tea Time - 1h, Left Chair
  • Identify Double Agents - 4h, Right Chair
  • Practice Pugilism - 6h, Punching Bag

Venom Edit

  • Release Anger - 6h, Punching Bag

Viv Edit

  • Absorb Solar Energy - 4h, Right Chair

Voyager Edit

  • Manipulate Spacetime - 1h, Roof (Requires one male student)

Wasp Edit

  • Greet the Public - 4h (Requires High Fashion Wasp outfit)
  • Plan Some Parties - 4h, Right Chair
  • Go Shopping! - 5h, Yellow Chair (Requires Holiday Wasp outfit)
  • Kiss the Ring! - 5h, Both Chairs (Requires Mobster Wasp outfit + a normal body-type male student)
  • Try To Relax - 8h, Inside

Whiplash Edit

  • Whip Into Shape - 2h, Punching Bag

Wiccan Edit

  • Consider Your Destiny - 5m, Right Chair

Winter Soldier Edit

  • Be Alone - 4h, Right Chair
  • Feel Something Real - 6h, Punching Bag

Wonder Man Edit

  • Prepare For a Role - 15m, Punching Bag
  • Appreciate Yourself - 4h, Right Chair

Wong Edit

  • Practice Self Defense - 2m, Punching Bag
  • Be Patient - 45m, Right Chair

Yondu Edit

  • Mark The Spot - 4h, Right Chair

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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