Avengers Beach!, Pt. 5 is an Event Quest. It is part of the limited-time Sun, Surf, and Mischief! event.

Requirements Edit

  • Have Van Dyne's Outfits
  • Unlock Beach Humbuggery Loki
    • Outfit available in Van Dyne's Outfits
    • Cost: 45 Beach Balls, 100 Credits
Character Action Time Location
Loki Explore The Depths 3hr Avengers Beach (pool)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Loki: I've decided to accept your offer, Bug-Woman. We shall enjoy this magnificent beach together, and watch the world crumble away around us...
Tropical Wasp: Awesome! You want me to make you a speedo? You seem like a speedo guy...
Loki: No, thank you. I've taken the time to study Midgardian aquatic attire, and I believe I've found something that suits my tastes...
Tropical Wasp: Cool floatie!
Beach Humbuggery Loki: It's a representation of Jormungand, the legendary Midgard Serpent! A beast capable of destroying my brother, and swallowing this minuscule world whole!
Tropical Wasp: It's cute.
Beach Humbuggery Loki: It's fearsome!
Tropical Wasp: I think you can be both...
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