Avengers Beach!, Pt. 4 is an Event Quest. It is part of the limited-time Sun, Surf, and Mischief! event.

Requirements Edit

  • Upgrade Avengers Beach! (Stage 2)
    • Cost: 10 beach balls and 100 Credits
    • Time: 8hr
Character Action Time Location
Wasp Visit Your Castle 8hr Avengers Beach (sand castle)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Tropical Wasp: I feel like this beach is my own little oasis, you know? Like I can just stay here, and be happy, and not worry about Hydra or A.I.M. or anything else in the world...
Loki: That's exactly why I brought it to the Academy. And it still has so much untapped potential...
Tropical Wasp: I always knew that deep down you were a good person, Loki. Or a good god. Whatever. You know what I mean.
Loki: I...don't...thank you...
Tropical Wasp: I always wanted to have my own castle!
Loki: I know the feeling.
Tropical Wasp: Come party at the beach with me! It'll be fun.
Loki: I just might. It would be nice to see this unfold firsthand...
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